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Delegated Legislation Committee - Joint Committee

Committee Type:Standing
Superseded By:
Establishment Date:06/28/2001

Chairman: Mr Peter Abetz MLA
Deputy Chair:Hon. Robin Howard Chapple MLC
Members: Hon. Giovanni (John) Mario Castrilli MLA
Hon. Peter Argyris Katsambanis MLC
Hon. Mark William Lewis MLC
Ms Simone Frances McGurk MLA
Mr Paul Papalia MLA

Staff:Ms Lauren Mesiti (Committee Clerk)
Ms Kimberley Ould, BA, LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Anne Turner, B.Juris LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Denise Wong, LLB, BSc (Env Sc) (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Mr Stephen Brockway (Advisory Officer)

Contact Details

Phone Number:08 9222 7376
Fax Number:08 9222 7805
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Postal Address

Committee Clerk
Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation
GPO: Box A11
Perth WA 6837

Committee Requirements

(1) Committee Requirements for Local Governments
Local Laws Explanatory Memoranda Directions 2010.pdfLocal Laws Explanatory Memoranda Directions 2010.pdf

(2) Committee Requirements for Government Departments and Agencies
Premier's Circular Subsidiary Legislation - Explanatory Memoranda.pdfPremier's Circular Subsidiary Legislation - Explanatory Memoranda.pdf

(3) Committee Requirements for Department of Planning Region Planning Schemes

Region Planning Scheme Statutory Procedures Checklist.pdfRegion Planning Scheme Statutory Procedures Checklist.pdf

Undertakings provided to the Committee

Hide details for Purpose of UndertakingsPurpose of Undertakings

Undertakings represent commitments made by local governments, government departments or agencies to the Committee that certain actions will be completed within a certain time frame.

The requesting of undertakings relating to Instruments from local governments, departments and agencies is a serious matter. The Committee allows Instruments to pass unimpeded into law subject to the commitment that the relevant local government, department or agency will abide by the undertakings they give.

The Committee accepts undertakings provided on the following terms:
  • all consequential amendments arising from the undertakings will be made;
  • offending clauses will not be enforced in a manner contrary to the undertakings given;
  • the undertakings will be completed within six months of the date the local government, department or agency’s letter provides the undertakings;
  • where the instrument is made publicly available, whether in hard copy or electronic form, it be accompanied by a copy of the undertakings; and
  • in the case of a local government, it will provide a copy of the minutes of the meeting at which the relevant council resolves to provide the undertakings.

Every six months, the Committee conducts a review of the Internet Undertakings List for viewing by Local Governments and the Internet Undertakings List for viewing by Departments and Agencies to check for compliance with provided undertakings. Reminders are sent to local governments, departments or agencies where compliance with undertakings has not occurred within the required time.

(3) Undertakings list for viewing by Local Governments

Internet Undertakings List for Local Governments 38th & 39th Parliaments.pdf

(4) Undertakings list for viewing by Government Departments and Agencies

Internet Undertakings List for Departments in 39th Parliament.pdf

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How to make a submission.pdf

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