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Inquiry Name:

Inquiry into Ironbridge Holdings Pty Ltd and Other Matters Regarding Residential Land and Property Developments

Date Commenced:08/18/2011
Date Ended:03/01/2012
Tabling Date:03/01/2012
Inquiry Status:Past

Committee Name:

Economics and Industry Committee (2008 - 2013)

House:Legislative Assembly

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Dr Michael (Mike) Dennis Nahan MLA
Mr William (Bill) Joseph Johnston MLA
Mr Michael (Mick) Philip Murray MLA
Ms Andrea Ruth Mitchell MLA
Mr Ian Charles Blayney MLA

Staff Members: Mr Timothy Hughes, BA (Hons) (Principal Research Officer)
Mrs Kristy Bryden, BA, BCom (Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone No:9222 7496
Fax No:9222 7804
Postal Address:
Email: Click here to send an email to the Committee Office

Terms of Reference:The Economics and Industry Standing Committee is to inquire into and report

1. The conduct of Ironbridge Holdings Pty Ltd in meeting its contractual obligations on its residential property developments in Western Australia with a particular emphasis on The Tuarts estate in Dalyellup.

2. The Committee will also investigate:
a. The incidence of late or non-delivery of items offered by residential land and property developers under “incentive packages”.
b. The redress available to buyers for late or non-delivery of such items.

Important Information

On 29th November 2011, the Legislative Assembly agreed to extend the tabling date for this Inquiry to 1st March 2012

Making a Submission to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly
Giving Evidence to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly

Deadline for Submissions:

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

Hearing Dates:






Broadcasted In


10/06/201111:00 AMCity of Bunbury Adminstration BuildingResidents of The Tuarts Estate, Dalyellup
10/06/201112:00 PMCity of Bunbury Administration BuildingResidents of Recreation Drive Estate, Eaton
10/17/201111:00 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Room 1Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA)/Satterley Property Group
10/17/201112:45 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Room 1Department of Commerce
10/17/201102:00 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Room 1Landcorp
10/17/201103:15 PMLegislative Assembly Committee Room 1Recreation Drive Pty Ltd
10/26/201110:15 AMIronbridge Holdings Pty Ltd
12/08/201111:15 AMIronbridge Holdings Pty Ltd
01/31/201210:15 AMIronbridge Holdings Pty Ltd


Related Written Submissions:

Written Submission by Douglas and Thelma Steele received on 29 Aug 2011
Written Submission by Satterley Property Group received on 8 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Ms Carolynn Hill received on 16 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA) received on 21 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Victoria Meyer received on 21 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Mr Paul Cain received on 21 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Department of Commerce received on 26 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Ms Lisa Dichiera received on 26 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Ms Ciara Lyons and Mr Jason Schuttlofel received on 29 Sep 2011
Written Submission by City of Bunbury received on 30 Sep 2011
Written Submission by Names Withheld received on 3 Oct 2011
Written Submission by Shire of Capel received on 5 Oct 2011

Related Transcripts of Evidence:

• Evidence by Ms Carolynn Hill (Resident, The Tuarts), Mr Jason Schuttloffel (Resident, The Tuarts), Ms Ciara Lyons (Resident, The Tuarts), Mr Michael Taylor (Resident, The Tuarts), Mr Douglas Steele (Resident, The Tuarts): on 06/10/2011
• Evidence by Ms Jane Ryan-Barnard, Mr Paul Cain, on 06/10/2011
• Evidence by Mr Carl Curtis (Development Manager, LandCorp), Mr Frank Marra (General Manager, Finance and Strategy, LandCorp) on 17/10/2011
• Evidence by Ms Anne Driscoll (Commissioner for Consumer Protection, Department of Commerce), Mr David Hillyard (Director of Retail and Services, Department of Commerce), Mr Stephen Meagher (Director of Property Industries, Department of Commerce) on 17/10/2011
• Evidence by Mr Peter James (Director, Recreation Drive Pty Ltd) on 17/10/2011
• Evidence by Ms Debra Goostrey (Chief Executive Officer, Urban Development Institute of Australia), Mr Nicholas Perrignon (Chief Operating Officer, Satterley Property Group) on 17/10/2011
• Evidence by Mr Ian Wallace (Director, Ironbridge Holdings Pty Ltd), Mr Thomas O’Rourke (Assistant Project Manager, Ironbridge Holdings Pty Ltd), Mr Nicholas Wallace (Land Salesman, Ironbridge Holdings Pty Ltd) on 26/10/2011
• Evidence by Mr Ian Wallace (Ironbridge Holdings, Developer) on 08/12/2011
• Evidence by Mr Ian Wallace (Director, Ironbridge Holdings Pty Ltd); Mrs Denise Young (Director, Charters) on 31/01/2012

Related Documents/Response to Questions on Notice: