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Inquiry into the recognition and adequacy of the responses by State Government agencies to experience of trauma by workers and volunteers arising from disasters

Date Commenced:08/17/2011
Date Ended:09/27/2012
Tabling Date:12/01/2012
Inquiry Status:Past

Committee Name:

Community Development and Justice Committee (2008 - 2013)

House:Legislative Assembly

Members Conducting Inquiry
Sub Committee:Yes
Members:Mr Anthony (Tony) Patrick O'Gorman MLA
Hon. Albert Paul Jacob MLA
Ms Margaret Mary Quirk MLA
Mr Ian Maxwell Britza MLA
Hon. Thomas (Tom) Gregory Stephens MLA

Staff Members: Dr David Worth (Principal Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7469
Fax No:08 9222 7804
Postal Address:
Email: Click here to send an email to the Committee Office

Terms of Reference:Community Development and Justice Standing Committee at its meeting on 17 August 2011 resolved to conduct an Inquiry with the following terms of reference:

With a focus on State Government workers and volunteers who work with, or under the supervision of, State Government agencies which are involved in emergency responses, the Committee will examine:

* whether existing agency responses adequately address the trauma experienced by staff and volunteers during and after declared natural disasters which have occurred since 2001;
* the barriers to those suffering trauma from accessing available assistance services; and
* the measures to mitigate any health impacts from trauma to those State Government workers and volunteers who responded to a declared disaster

Important Information

Making a Submission to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly
Giving Evidence to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly

Deadline for Submissions:

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

Hearing Dates:






Broadcasted In


02/22/201210:00 AMMR1WA PoliceMr Gregory Italiano, Executive Director Insp Gordon Fairman, A/Divisional Superintendent Ms Angela Martinovich, Psychologist Mr Darian Ferguson, Director, Human Resources
02/22/201211:00 AMMR1WA Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services AssocMr Max Osborn, Executive Officer
02/29/201210:00 AMMR1Department of HealthDr Andrew Robertson, Acting Executive Director, Public Health
03/21/201210:00 AM
03/21/201210:00 AMMR1Australian Red CrossMs Ruth Lane, Senior Manager, Emergency Services
03/28/201210:00 AMMR1Fire and Emergency Services AuthorityMs Karen Roberts, Director Human Resources Mr Chris Arnol, Chief Operations Officer Country Mr Graham Swift, Chief Operations Officer Operational Coordination
03/28/201211:00 AMMR1Department of Environment and ConservationMr Keiran McNamara, Director General Mr Peter Dans, Director Regional Services Mr Alan Walker, Director Regional Policy and Projects
05/02/201210:00 AMMR4SES Volunteers Association (Inc)Mr Phillip Petersen
03/21/201210:15 AM
05/16/201210:00 AMMR4St John Ambulance (WA)Professor Ian Jacobs, Clinical Services Director
05/16/201211:00 AMMR4Mr David Bentley, Mr David Nelson, Mr David Mathews
05/23/201209:30 AMMR1United Firefighters Union of WAMr Frank Martinelli, President Mr Kevin Jolly, Secretary Ms Lea Anderson, Assistant Secretary
05/23/201210:30 AMMR1Department for Child ProtectionMr Terry Murphy, Director General
06/13/201210:00 AMMR4State Coroner's OfficeMr Gary Cooper, Acting Principal Registrar
06/13/201211:00 AMMR4PPC WorldwideMs Rose Zaffino, National Head of Clinical Services Mr Brett Butler, Manager Client Services
06/18/201210:00 AMMR1ChaplainsMr Ron Wingate, FESA Chaplain Cindy Monteith, SJA Chaplain
06/18/201211:00 AMMR1United VoiceMr Justin Ingrey, ambulance paramedic and Committee member
06/18/201212:00 PMMR1Department of EducationMr David Axworth, Deputy Director General, Schools Ms Maura O'Connell, Senior School Psychologist
06/20/201210:00 AMMR2Metro Volunteer Sea RescueMr Roger Howell, President
06/20/201211:00 AMMR2WA Police UnionMr George Tilbury, President Elect/Director Mr Brandon Shortland, Vice President Elect/Director Mr Jon Groves, Deputy Vice President Mr Tom Barratt, Research Officer


Related Written Submissions:

Written Submission by WA Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association Inc received on 5 Oct 2011
Written Submission by Department for Child Protection received on 7 Oct 2011
Written Submission by Australian Medical Association (Western Australia) received on 7 Oct 2011
Written Submission by Australian Red Cross (WA) received on 24 Oct 2011
Written Submission by Department of Environment and Conservation received on 31 Oct 2011
Written Submission by WA Police received on 2 Nov 2011
Written Submission by Gascoyne Development Commission received on 2 Nov 2011
Written Submission by Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia received on 7 Nov 2011
Written Submission by St John, South Island Region, NZ received on 23 Nov 2011
Written Submission by Department of Health (incl RFDS and St Johns Ambulance) received on 28 Nov 2011
Written Submission by Department of Education received on 1 Feb 2012
Written Submission by Mr Phillip Petersen ESM (SES Volunteers Assosiation of Western Australia Inc) received on 2 May 2012
Written Submission by Mr David Matthews received on 8 May 2012
Written Submission by Mr David Nelson received on 15 May 2012
Written Submission by Ms Louise Pickett (Commander, Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia) received on 5 Jun 2012
Written Submission by Western Australian Police Union received on 18 Jun 2012
Written Submission by Country Fire Authority, Victoria received on 3 Jul 2012

Related Transcripts of Evidence:

• Evidence by Professor Richard Bryant (School of Psychology, University of New South Wales) on 17/11/2011
• Evidence by Ms Wendy Graham (Director, Disaster Welfare Services, NSW Ministry for Police and Emergency Services), Mrs Gina Mammone (Manager, Critical Incident and Counselling Service, NSW State Emergency Service) and Mr Paul Scott (Manager, Counselling and Support Unit, NSW Rural Fire Service) on 17/11/2011
• Evidence by Ms Rosemary Hegner (Director, Health Emergency Management Unit, New South Wales Health and Superintendent Susan Webster (Acting Director, Special Operations Unit, Ambulance Service of New South Wales) on 17/11/2011
• Evidence by Dr Craig Katz (Psychiatrist, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York) on 24/01/2012
• Evidence by Professor Gerard Jacobs (Director, Disaster Mental Health Institute, The University of Southern Dakota) on 24/01/2012
• Evidence by Mr Max Osborn (Executive Officer, WA Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association) on 22/02/2012
• Evidence by WA Police- Mr Darian Ferguson (Director, Human Resources), Mr Gregory Italiano (Executive Director), Mr Gordon Fairman (Acting Divisional Superintendent, Forensic Division) and Ms Angela Martinovich (Clinical Psychologist, Health and Welfare Branch) on 22/02/2012
• Evidence by Department of Health- Dr Andrew Robertson (Director, Disaster Management, Regulation and Planning) on 29/02/2012
• Evidence by Ms Ruth Lane (State Manager, Emergency Services, Australian Red Cross) on 21/03/2012
• Evidence by Fire and Emergency Services Authority- Mr Christopher Arnol (Acting Chief Operations Officer), Ms Karen Roberts (Director Human Resources) and Mr Graham Swift (Assistant Chief Operations Officer) on 28/03/2012
• Evidence by Department of Environment and Conservation- Mr Keiran McNamara (Director General), Mr Peter Dans (Director, Regional Services) and Mr Alan Walker (Director, Regional Policy and Projects) on 28/03/2012
• Evidence by Mr Phillip Petersen (State Emergency Services Volunteers Association Inc) on 02/05/2012
• Evidence by Mr David Bentley, Mr David Matthews and Mr David Nelson on 16/05/2012
• Evidence by St John Ambulance- Professor Ian Jacobs (Director of Clinical Services) on 16/05/2012
• Evidence by United Firefighters' Union of Australia (WA Branch)- Mr Kevin Jolly (Secretary), Mr Frank Martinelli (President) and Ms Lea Anderson (Assistant Secretary) on 23/05/2012
• Evidence by Department for Child Protection- Mr Terry Murphy (Director General) on 23/05/2012
• Evidence by Coroner's Court of Western Australia- Mr Gary Cooper (Principal Registrar) on 13/06/2012
• Evidence by PPC Worldwide- Ms Rose Zaffino (Head of Clinical Services) and Mr Brett Butler (Manager, Client Services) on 13/06/2012
• Evidence by Mr Justin Ingrey (United Voice Committee member, Ambulance Paramedic) on 18/06/2012
• Evidence by Mr Ronald Wingate (Chaplain, Fire and Emergency Services Authority) on 18/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Education- Mr David Axworthy (Deputy Director General) and Mrs Maura O'Connell (School Psychologist) on 18/06/2012
• Evidence by WA Police Union- Mr George Tilbury (President Elect/Director), Mr Brandon Shortland (Vice-President Elect), Mr Thomas Barratt (Research Officer) and Sergeant Jon Groves (Vice-President) on 20/06/2012
• Evidence by Mr Roger Howell (President, Metropolitan Volunteer Sea Rescue) on 20/06/2012
• Evidence by Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria- Mr Allan Monti (Executive Officer, Volunteer Brigade Captain), Ms Sue Bull (Field Officer) and Mr Timothy Desmond (Volunteer Lieutenant) on 02/07/2012
• Evidence by The Police Association of Victoria- Mr Bruce McKenzie (Assistant Secretary) and Mr Christopher Kennedy (Industrial Relations Manager) on 02/07/2012
• Evidence by Ambulance Victoria- Ms Heather Bancroft (Clinical Director, Counselling Unit) and Mr Gregory Leach (Regional Manager, Grampians Region, and Volunteers Portfolio) on 02/07/2012
• Evidence by Mr Peter Kueffer (Clinical Director/Psychologist, Victoria State Emergency Service), Mr Neil Hedger (Chairperson, Victoria Emergency Service Association) and Mr William Johnson (Vice Chair, Victoria Emergency Service Association) on 02/07/2012
• Evidence by Professor David Forbes (Director, Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health) on 02/07/2012
• Evidence by Dr Richard Thorton (Deputy CEO, Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre Ltd) on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by VIC Metropolitan Fire Brigade- Ms Sue Jamieson (Employee Assistance Coordinator) and Mr Rodney Egglestone (Peer Support Coordinator) on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Victoria Police- Mr Joe Gazis (Clinical Adviser, Welfare Services/Peer Support), Inspector Danny Bodycoat (Wellbeing Services) and Ms Michelle Spinks (Social Worker, Police Psychology) on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Dr Rob Gordon (Consultant Psychologist, Australian Psychological Society) on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Mr Andrew Coghlan (National Manager, Emergency Services, Australian Red Cross) on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Country Fire Authority Victoria- Mr Paul Garvey (Executive Manager, People and Culture), Ms Angela Seach (Manager, Organisational Wellbeing) and Mr Patrick O'Brien (Regional Director, Loddon Mallee Region) on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Emergency Management Queensland- Mr Stephen Grant (Executive Director, Operations), Mr Brian Cox (Director, Disaster Management Services) and Mr Peter Jeffrey (Director, State Emergency Service) on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by Queensland Police Service- Mr Andrew Henderson (Assistant Commissioner), Mr Colin Anderson (Director, Safety and Wellbeing) and Ms Eve Gavel (Manager, Employee Wellbeing) on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by United Firefighters' Union Queensland- Mr John Oliver (State Sercretary) and Mr Luke Donaldson (Research Assistant) on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by Queensland Ambulance Service- Mr Paul Scully (Manager, Counsellor Staff Support Services) and Mr Todd Wehr (Staff Counsellor) on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by Mr Justin Choveaux (Acting Chief Executive Officer, Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland Inc.) on 06/07/2012
• Evidence by Australian Customs and Border Protection Service- Dr Ben Evans (Regional Director, Queensland) and Ms Rebecca Pollock (Manager, Regional People Services, Queensland) on 06/07/2012
• Evidence by Ms Barbara Gonda (Manager, FireCare, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service) on 06/07/2012

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