About Parliament Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets provide information about Parliament in Western Australia and the people who participate in its processes, Parliament House history and parliamentary democracy.

Aerial Shot of Parliament


  1. The Constitution and Roles of Parliament
  2. A Brief History of Parliament
  3. Parliamentary Government in Western Australia
  4. Governor and Executive Council
  5. Three Branches of Government
  6. Legislative Council
  7. Legislative Assembly
  8. President of the Legislative Council
  9. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
  10. Premier of Western Australia
  11. Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries
  12. Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Ministers
  13. Members of Parliament
  14. Party Whips
  15. Meetings of Parliament
  16. Business of the House: Legislative Council
  17. Business of the House: Legislative Assembly
  18. Passage of Legislation
  19. Parliamentary Committees
  20. Legislative Assembly Committees
  21. Legislative Council Committees
  22. Parliamentary Questions
  23. Petitions
  24. Hansard and Records of the House
  25. Parliamentary Privilege
  26. Clerks of the Houses
  27. Sergeant-at-arms and Usher of the Black Rod
  28. Women Members of the Western Australian Parliament
  29. Independent Statutory Officers
  30. Elections, By-Elections and Referendums
  31. Proportional Representation in the Legislative Council
  32. Preferential Voting System in the Legislative Assembly
  33. Citizens Voting Rights
  34. Political Parties in Parliament
  35. Role of Lobbyists
  36. Parliament and the Media
  37. History of Parliament House
  38. Symbols of Western Australia
  39. Citizenship
  40. Parliamentary Education
  41. Right of Reply
  42. Role of the Parliamentary Inspector
  43. Federation and Federalism
  44. Delegated Legislation Fact Sheet
  45. Divisions, Bells and Pairs


Full set of About Parliament Fact Sheets (PDF)