Inviting Presiding Officers to Events

Each year, the Presiding Officers attend special events, ceremonies and celebrations across the state, both together and separately. If you would like them to attend an event, you can invite them by writing a letter that includes:
  • background information on the event or organisation
  • the date and time of the event and the venue
  • the number of people expected to participate
  • the role you would like the Presiding Officers to play, if any (e.g., speech, award presentation, etc)
  • name, telephone and fax number of a contact person
Keep in mind that their programs are planned well in advance.

Please send your invitation by regular mail to:

Hon. Kate Doust MLC
President of the Legislative Council
Parliament House
Perth WA 6000
Hon. Peter Watson MLA
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly
Parliament House
Perth WA 6000

Decisions to attend are made based on their availability, confirmed program of engagements, travel requirements and other factors.