Public Tours

Public tours are conducted at Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, West Perth, every Monday and Thursday at 10.30am, except on public holidays.

Anyone wishing to take a public tour should assemble at the main entrance to Parliament House at least 5 minutes before 10.30am on the day of the tour.

For further information:
Phone: (08) 9222 7259

Parliament House West Facade


The type of tour will depend on the sittings of Parliament at the time the tour is taken.

Sitting day

Members of the public will observe portions of parliamentary procedures from the galleries of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly.

Duration: 1 hour

Members of the public are encouraged to visit the public galleries whenever the Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council is sitting. Separate entry via the public South and North Entrances.

Sittings commence at the following times:

Legislative Council

Legislative Assembly


Non-sitting day

Participants will be escorted on a building tour which includes going onto the chamber floor of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly.

Duration:1 hour

Brochures about your Parliament are available on request.

No photography or bags are permitted inside Parliament House.