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Second Reading: Parliamentary Government in Western Australia by Harry C.J. Phillips

(Revised Internet Edition-subject to periodic revision) NB This is a large PDF file and may take some time to download

This practical teaching resource contains information about the history, structure and function of Parliament and Government in Western Australia. The material and accompanying exercises are relevant to upper primary and lower secondary students addressing the “Active Citizenship” Outcome of the Society and Environment Learning Area.

How Parliament Works


Brochures about your Parliament are available (*PDF version - printed brochures on request):

Parliamentary Digest

This publication provides a synopsis of activities of both Houses for a particular session of Parliament, including the bills considered by the Houses and reports presented by Parliamentary Committees.


There are a number of publications produced by the Parliamentary History Advisory Committee and the Parliamentary Education Office.

The following publications are available for purchase from the Parliamentary Reception Desk, Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Phone: (08) 9222 7222.

  • A Citizen’s Guide to the Western Australian Parliament - Harry Phillips, 2013
  • House to House: The Story of Western Australia’s Government and Parliament Houses over 175 years - Phillip Pendal and David Black, 2004
  • Speakers and Presidents of the Western Australian Parliament - Harry Phillips, 2004
  • The Western Australian Parliamentary Handbook, Twenty-third edition, edited by David Black, 2014 (revised)
  • Making a Difference: Women in the Western Australian Parliament 1921-2012 - David Black and Harry Phillips, 2012
  • Parliament: Mirror of the People? Members of the Parliament of Western Australia 1890-2007, Phillip Pendal, David Black and Harry Phillips, 2007
  • Women Parliamentarians in Australia 1921-1996: A Register of Women Members of Commonwealth, State and Territory Parliaments in Australia, David Black, 1996

The following publications are available at no cost from the Parliamentary Education Office, Phone: (08) 9222 7429.

  • Parliament of Western Australia: Structure and Function
  • Notes on the Parliament in Western Australia: Student Resource Book

Other publications on the Western Australian Parliament include:

  • An Enduring Friendship: Western Australia and Japan – Past, Present and Future, David Black and Sachiko Sone (eds.), 2009
  • Election Statistics: Legislative Assembly of Western Australia 1890-1996 - David Black (assisted by Valerie Prescott), 1997
  • Legislative Council of Western Australia. Membership Register, Electoral Law and Statistics 1890-1989 - David Black, (revised 1991)
  • Legislative Council of Western Australia. Elections and Electoral Law 1867-1890. David Black and Brian de Garis, 1992
  • Biographical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia, Volume One 1870-1930, David Black and Geoffrey Bolton, 1990 (revised and updated 2001)
  • Biographical Register of Members of the Parliament of Western Australia Volume Two 1930-2010 – David Black and Geoffrey Bolton, 2010
  • The House on the Hill: A History of the Parliament of Western Australia 1832-1990 - David Black (editor), 1991

The above publications, except those held by the Education Office, are available via the public library system.