Curriculum Support Resources

The following Parliamentary Education Office support materials address aspects of the Civics and Citizenship component of the Western Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences.

Second Reading: Parliamentary Government in Western Australia by Harry C.J. Phillips, (revised 2014)
NB This is a large PDF file and may take some time to download
Years 5-9: The resource contains information about the history, structure and function of the Parliament and Government in Western Australia.


A Citizen’s Guide to the Western Australian Parliament by Harry C.J. Phillips, (revised 2015)

Years 8-12: The resource provides summary information about the functions of Parliament and Government, Parliamentary operations and office holders and Parliamentary processes and procedures (including the legislative process).


Structure and Function: A Guide to Understanding Western Australia’s Parliamentary Processes and Procedures by Harry C.J. Phillips, (revised 2015)

Years 8-12: This resource is an abridged version of A Citizen’s Guide to the Western Australian Parliament.


Notes on the Parliament in Western Australia: Resource Book, produced by the Parliamentary Education Office, (revised 2015)

Years 5-6: This resource briefly explores the levels and branches of Government, the mechanisms, processes and participants that form our Parliamentary system in Western Australia and some of the key symbols of the State.