The Statewide Student Parliament is one of several programs delivered by the Parliament of Western Australia to develop student awareness of Western Australian Parliamentary processes.


The program, which targets year 10 students from across the State, aims to enhance students’ understanding of the Parliamentary system of government so that students approaching voting age become more informed and active citizens. Schools from across the state are invited to participate with student selection based on a process of nomination.


The three day event takes place every four years with students participating in a comprehensive program, including workshops on Parliamentary process and procedure, educational sessions at the Constitutional Centre and Electoral Education Centre and a replica sitting of Parliament. Participants also have the opportunity to view sittings of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly.


The replica sitting of Parliament involves ninety-five students assuming the role of a Member of Parliament, thirty-six in the Legislative Council and fifty-nine in the Legislative Assembly.  Generally, the student represents either the Western Australian electoral district or region in which their school is located. An additional 2 students assume the role of either the Sergeant- at –Arms or the Usher of the Black Rod.


Students participating in the Statewide Student Parliament:

  • Gain a working knowledge of Parliamentary practices and procedures, particularly the legislative process and the role of an elected Member of Parliament
  • Understand the importance of being an informed and active citizen, including the avenues available to influence the Parliamentary decision making process (e.g. elected member, legislation, petitions)
  • Develop skills in public speaking, leadership and debate
  • Appreciate the contribution of differing views and perspectives to Parliamentary debate and how those debates inform legislative and policy outcomes for the community

The next Statewide Student Parliament is scheduled for 2019.