Date:11.31 PM WEDNESDAY, 20 May 1998
Member:Patterson, Hon Muriel
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Mr Scott Blackwell, president of the Australian Medical Association does not represent the association when he makes sweeping comments in favour of abortion on demand. The AMA branch council have succeeded in silencing the outspoken president although he has not yet offered a retraction. He has been advised that as president he can not hold ties to the Association for Legal Right to Abortion. Unfortunately the many members who have complained or resigned feel that the damage has already been done.

I note that in respect of the successful challenge to Dr Blackwell's presidency by Dr Capolingua-Host, tomorrow's The West Australian states -
      She displaced GP Scott Blackwell in what is believed to be the first time the position has been contested in the AMA's 100-year history.

Obviously a number of other doctors may have contributed to his downfall over the abortion issue. I do not know what happened because I have not been privy to the reason for the challenge.

Last week I spoke to several past members of Parliament, one of whom is a doctor. He said he has delivered over 4 000 babies and believes that half the women on the IVF program are there because of internal damage caused by abortion. We do not know what damage is done.

A young man I have never met rang me several weeks ago and told me that at 19 years of age he was a participant in a pregnancy. He and his partner decided on abortion. He told me that it played on his mind to such an extent that he became an alcoholic. He said it was not until he looked at his life and made an effort to change that he was able to live for the future rather than the past.

Some of the literature I have read on this subject has sickened me. I had intended to read some of it to the House but I cannot. It is unbelievable what is done with aborted babies. They are used in the manufacture of face creams and for other purposes. I can imagine the pro-abortionists saying that that would never happen in Australia. In time, I wonder. Who would have believed that 9 000 to 10 000 abortions would be performed in this State, which has a population of only 1.7 million people? If we liberalise abortion law, late term abortion becomes a real threat, as several other members have mentioned tonight.

In a case in America a prospective mother opted for a late term saline abortion, but something went wrong and the baby was delivered live. This is not an isolated case. I refer to a baby, not a foetus. The heart can beat for several hours. This baby was left to die, and without medical attention the process takes a few hours. The baby was wheeled on a trolley outside the room into an alleyway where she was found by a women passing by, who took her, administered medical attention and adopted her.

I will read to members something unique which I acquired from the Ambassador Speakers Bureau in Nashville. This is probably the only written testimony in the world by an aborted child who, by accident, survived and can now speak for herself. I recently attended a function at which the abortion debate was mentioned. I referred to this case and three people said that they had met her. She came to Australia and they said she was an excellent public speaker. She does not condemn; she does not stand in judgment on anyone; yet her message is that there is life before birth. I read to members this biography of Gianna Jessen -
      A survivor of an unsuccessful saline abortion, Gianna Jessen is a talented young women with a powerful testimony. Aborted in the third trimester of her teenage biological mother's pregnancy, Gianna weighed a mere two pounds at birth. Her critical condition caused her to spend the first few months of her life in a Southern California hospital.
      Gianna was eventually placed in foster care and soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Doctors believed that Gianna would never be able to sit up independently and chances of her ever walking and crawling were as dim. However, by the grace of God, faithful prayers and consistent love of a dedicated foster mother and family, Gianna proved the doctors wrong.
      Gianna persevered through endless physical therapy sessions, and after a delicate surgery at the age of 3, Gianna, for the first time, walked with the aid of a walker and light leg braces. Two months later Gianna was legally released for adoption and another miracle took place. She was adopted by Dianne DePaul, daughter of her foster mother. Thus, Gianna was permitted to remain in her long time family and Penny, Gianna's foster-mom, now became Gianna's legal grandmother.
That spoke volumes for this family. Continuing -

      With love and attention, Gianna's physical condition improved and now after four delicate operations, Gianna walks and runs without leg braces, and enjoys an active life.