House:Legislative Assembly - Questions on Notice
Date:3, September1996
Member:Constable, Dr Elizabeth; Lewis, Mr Richard
Page:5056 / 1

(c) ten years or under,

in the following areas -

(i) Floreat;

(ii) City Beach;

(iii) Wembley Downs;

(iv) Churchlands;

(v) Woodlands;

(vi) Wembley;

(vii) Scarborough; and

(viii) Doubleview?

(2) What funds have been allocated for the road works in question?

(3) What is the source of funding for each project?

Mr LEWIS replied:

The Minister for Transport has provided the following response:

The following information relates to Main Roads. Details of works on local
roads is held by Local Governments.

(1)-(2)(a) 1996/97

City Beach and Scarborough: Reconstruct various sections of West Coast
Highway at a cost of $200 000.

City Beach: West Coast Highway realignment between Helston Avenue and
Rochdale Road at a cost of $2.369m.

West Coast Highway/Hale Road: Provide Dual Use Path link on median at a
cost of $3 000.

Scarborough: Install pedestrian phases at West Coast Highway/Scarborough
Beach Road at a cost of $20 000.

Wembley: Widen and construct median island at Nanson Street/Grantham
Street at a cost of $35 000. Asphalt reseal Grantham Street between Marlow
and Jersey Streets at a cost of $44 900. Widen and construct the dual use
path north of Cambridge Street / Southport Street at a cost of $45 000.

(b)-(c) Details of projects of this nature are not available over the five and 10 year
periods sought. Such projects are approved as part of the annual budget

(3) Main Roads Trust Fund.