Date:3, July1996
Member:Scott, Hon Jim
Subject:MOTION - DISALLOWANCE Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment No 970-33 - Fremantle Amendment
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"Does this then mean we will have to wait 10 years for the road to be
built and the marshalling yards cleaned up?" he asked.

"The decision (to realign Port Beach Road) was part of a report that was
released at Christmas and nobody involved with the draft strategy really
had a chance to discuss it.

"We (Society committee members) cannot understand the decision."

I have not found many people in favour of this piece of planning.

Hon E.J. Charlton: Tell us what you think. That is what we are supposed to
hear tonight.

Hon Graham Edwards: He tried to tell you and you called a point of order.

Hon E.J. Charlton: That was about the amendment, not a road 20 miles away.

Hon J.A. SCOTT: That road is part of the amendment.

Hon E.J. Charlton: You are a dill.

Withdrawal of Remark

The PRESIDENT: Order! Those comments are unparliamentary.

Hon E.J. CHARLTON: I withdraw.

The PRESIDENT: Do not do it in the first place.

Debate Resumed

Hon E.J. Charlton: He is talking about something that is miles away.

Hon Graham Edwards: We think you are miles away.

Hon E.J. Charlton: I wish I was miles away and did not have to listen to this

Hon J.A. SCOTT: The Minister said that I do not know what I am talking about.
An article by -

Hon P.R. Lightfoot: Do not read another one. Spare us from another news
cutting, please.

Hon J.A. SCOTT: An article by Anne Burns on 2 June states -

When is a highway not a highway?

When Eric "Er" Charlton, Minister for Mumbles, is in charge of explaining
it to the public.

It becomes a four-lane link road, a possible future route or a figment of
the imagination.

In the two weeks since Perth's transport blueprint to 2030 was released,
the future of the Rockingham-Innaloo highway has been a mass of confusion.

Mr Charlton has played down the highway, praised it as a brilliant idea,
said it's been on the drawing board for 30 years and then disowned it,
saying it's not under consideration.

In The West Australian on December 27, Mr Charlton denied hiding the

"It isn't that we don't want to tell people about it," he said.

Then, next day, he mounted a vigorous defence of plans for a four-lane
link between Mitchell Freeway and West Coast Highway, while maintaining it
was not under consideration.

The "not being considered" line was repeated yesterday, even though the
highway route appears in the fine print of Mr Charlton's plan after 2005.

Hon E.J. Charlton: Do you know that the previous Government linked it through
to Scarborough Beach Road?

Hon Graham Edwards: You do not have the Federal Government to blame.

Hon E.J. Charlton: You are dead right. Mr Edwards does not like to hear the

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Hon W.N. Stretch): Order, Minister! Let us all settle
down and pay attention to Hon Jim Scott, who wants to get on with his speech.

Hon J.A. SCOTT: The article concludes by saying -

Mr Charlton says: "Perth will remain a car-based city well into the

Of course it will, because with Mr Charlton as Transport Minister the
people of Perth are being offered no alternative.

Hon E.J. Charlton: I bet I am right.

Hon J.A. SCOTT: The idea of linking the Port of Fremantle to the north by
having large trucks go to the port and further south -

Hon E.J. Charlton: You do not want any trucks at the port. I suppose you do
not want any ships there either.