Date:TUESDAY, 10 June 1997
Member:Warnock, Ms Diana
Page:3699 / 2


Noise Monitoring

803. Ms WARNOCK to the Minister representing the Minister for Transport:

(1) Is the Minister aware of the concerns of Mt Hawthorn residents living in close proximity to the Mitchell Freeway, between Britannia and Scarborough Beach Roads, that unreasonable noise from the Freeway is having a detrimental effect on the quality of their lives?

(2) If not, why not?

(3) Will traffic volume along this section of the Freeway increase over time thereby increasing noise levels experienced by the residents?

(4) If not, why not?

(5) What noise monitoring was undertaken in order to justify the construction of noise barriers north of Vincent Street on the Mitchell Freeway?

(6) Does the Government have a policy regarding ‘best practice’ in terms of traffic noise guidelines when it comes to protecting residents from unreasonable traffic noise?

(7) If not, why not?

(8) Can the Minister confirm that new road proposals through residential areas are generally assessed using a design guideline of 63dB(A) L10(18hour) and existing road networks are generally assessed using a level of 68dB(A) L10(18hour) and that when noise exceeds these levels consideration may be given to examining practical means of noise reduction?

(9) Is the Minister aware that in New South Wales noise control guidelines for traffic noise include an environmental goal for traffic noise relative to arterial roads of 63dB(A) L10(18hours) for both new and existing arterial roads and that where this level is exceeded the appropriate authority should take any steps possible to minimise the impact of traffic noise?

(10) Do the environmental goals for road traffic noise in New South Wales offer a significantly lower noise level for residents seeking action on traffic noise abatement for existing road networks than in Western Australia?

(11) If not, why not?

(12) Should design guidelines for existing road networks in Western Australia be lowered to 63dB(A) L10(18hours) as a first step in attaining 'best practise' noise guidelines for the protection of residents from unreasonable traffic noise?

(13) If not, why not?

(14) Is Government policy consistent with the statement in the New South Wales Noise Control Guidelines for road traffic noise that the target of 63dB(A) L10(18hours) should always be sought but it should be considered as an interim value subject to further evaluation?

(15) If not, why not?

(16) Is the Minister aware that in New South Wales and Victoria consideration is currently being given to a new environmental goal for traffic noise of 55dB(A) Leq (8hours) measured between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am?

(17) Will the Minister give consideration to the environmental goal for traffic noise of 55dB(A) Leq(8hours) measured between the hours of 10.00 pm and 6.00 am?

(18) If not, why not?
(19) Are peak traffic days in a given week generally Wednesday to Saturday?

(20) If no to (19) above, what days are considered to be peak traffic days?

(21) Should any monitoring of traffic noise be carried out over a full week in order to more accurately determine the level of noise exceeded for 10% of the period between 6.00 am and midnight?