House:Legislative Council - Questions without Notice
Date:16, October1996
Member:Halden, Hon John; Charlton, Hon Eric
Page:6629 / 1


923. Hon JOHN HALDEN to the Minister for Transport:

Following the Minister's berating of Hon Jim Scott, I pose a question about the
proposed Stephenson Highway. As it has been in the metropolitan region scheme
for 30 years and is unlikely to come to fruition, why was the alignment of the
highway altered for the new Bold Regional Park plan in 1995?

Hon E.J. CHARLTON replied:

It was altered for a couple of reasons. The first was a safety issue involving
the bottom section of the current west coast alignment.

Secondly, it was changed because an additional area was allocated to Bold Park
following discussions with the local community. It was done in response to its

Hon John Halden: You will not build a highway.

Hon N.F. Moore: Why did you not take it out? You were 10 years in government.

Hon E.J. CHARLTON: Hon John Halden is not suggesting that it be removed. He is
suggesting that because the people in the Bold Park area wanted the alignment
changed and the Government responded to that request, it means the Government
will build the highway. The only section of the alignment constructed was built
by the previous Government, with federal government funding, and it went beyond
what the local community wanted. There is now duplication of roads linking with
Scarborough Beach Road, which is a total waste of money.

Members opposite can be proud of that as their contribution to the Stephenson
Highway. If I were Hon John Halden, I would keep my head down and say nothing
about the Stephenson Highway because the only funding allocated to it was
provided by his Government in its dying days. It did that as a gimmick and for
political reasons because it thought it might induce people to vote for the
Labor Party. As has been demonstrated over and over again, those activities do
not work.