Date:TUESDAY, 2 May 2000
Member:Holmes, Mrs Monica; Barnett, Mr Colin
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includes the Western Australian Municipal Association, I announced on Friday a number of projects that have been approved. At the same time, the State Government and Western Power have provided a further $1m worth of funding to this project.

Members may be interested to know that, in addition to the Gosnells project, for which the placing of power lines below ground in the town centre area has been approved, which is critical to Gosnells' plans for revitalising the town centre, other projects include Hampton Street in Bridgetown, George Street in Pinjarra, Knight Terrace in Denham, Black Street in Esperance, Mary Street in Highgate, Jarrahdale Road in Jarrahdale, Rockingham Beach precinct in Rockingham - I am sure the member opposite is delighted about that - Mundaring township in Mundaring, Uduc Road in Harvey, South Terrace in Fremantle, and the Scarborough Beach precinct in Scarborough. The Albany Highway is Gosnells' project. By 2002, Western Power and the Government will have jointly contributed $4m towards these local enhancement projects. I think it is a good part of what is a very successful project. I say to the member for Pilbara that this program has immense public support within this community.