Date:8.53 PM TUESDAY, 16 September 1997
Member:Marshall, Mr Arthur
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Perhaps we should have a toll on the Mitchell Freeway for all the northerners who have had it so good and so cheap, free and immediate over the years. Maybe they should pay a little for the people in the south.

The coalition Government brought in a fantastic scheme to help build sport facilities in the country and the metropolitan area. I refer to the community sporting and recreation facilities fund. Under that scheme, which has worked magnificently, one-third of the money came from the Government, one-third from local government and one-third from the community. It has meant that 70 per cent of the allocations went to the country. International first class facilities are now in place in the country 20 years ahead of their time as a result of community input. It also means we are 20 years ahead of our time in finding the sporting talent that will represent Western Australia and Australia. Without first class facilities it does not matter how good the talent is, it is difficult to make the grade. I know that a toll on the road in WA sounds right out of this world; why should we consider it? Radio station 6MM quoted Hon John Cowdell as saying that proposed toll fees for the Kwinana Freeway were nothing short of betrayal by the State Government. Whoever proposed it? That comment by Hon John Cowdell is twisting the truth. It was suggested. There is a big difference between a suggestion and a proposal. It shows people how the Opposition take an agenda and turn it around after an idea is made public.

Why should people in my electorate wait 20 years because the Federal Government does not realise that this is a road of national importance? Why should they wait 20 years while money is found from the various taxes we have just lost? Many people south of the river want to know why the railway line from Perth to Joondalup was ever put in as a red herring which would not pay. They ask whether it was a vote catching exercise by the previous Government. The people I talk to, the people in the country and the thousands of people who do not use that line, all want to know. The line is marvellous for north of the river commuters but we all have to subsidise it by 75 in the dollar for the train. What a business exploit that is to be proud of! I have used it only once and I am not likely to use it again. What is wrong with the suggestion of a toll and user pays? Why not put the issue to the public and see what they feel about it, without a few members of the Opposition jumping on the bandwagon and turning a suggestion into a proposal and scaring people overnight because something might be successful?

We have some marvellous projects in my electorate and there are some tough challenges ahead. I must tell members about Peel Thunder. As all members know, this was the first country side in Western Australian football. I admit that on the field, the team has performed poorly but only due to the Football Commission's reluctance to allocate Australian Football League players to Peel Thunder this year. Last night I was tremendously proud to sit at the presentation of the Sandover Medal with the member for Willagee.

Mr Carpenter: I was dressed correctly.

Mr MARSHALL: I was testing him out.

Mr Carpenter: You were not dressed.

Mr MARSHALL: The member fell for it, just as I got this story in the paper to get the road noted as a matter of national importance. The Press fell for it with the mention of the toll. However, last night at the Sandover Medal presentation I was looking at the guernseys. East Fremantle club's guernsey was changed this year because of its 100 years' celebrations. I was proud to have something to do with the design of that new Peel Thunder guernsey. It has caused Subiaco and Perth clubs to change their design. I was proud of my Peel Thunder boys looking in awe at their first time in the big arena. Members will have to watch some of those 17 and 18 year olds, because they will be winning Sandover Medals in five years. They have never experienced it. Kalgoorlie could have had that opportunity if it had been smart but it missed out. I could rave on about Peel Thunder forever. A letter to the editor in a Mandurah local paper of last week states -
      Do not give up on Peel Thunder! Creating this club in only six months was miraculous.
      The support and administration staff were creative, sponsorship lucrative and membership second only to East Fremantle Football Club.

This is the club that was not supposed to do any good. The team's playing performance was down, but what about this? The letter continues -
      Scott Simister was selected for WA Westar Team.
      Rod Tregenza was selected for WA National 18's team.
      Luke Hill is a top ten draft hopeful.
      Dene Buszan and Chad Stronach were selected in the 1997 Quit Cup All Stars Team
      Mitchell Russell made the last 30 of the State Schoolboys.

[Leave granted for the member’s time to be extended.]

Mr MARSHALL: This is an important punch line and you will love it, Madam Acting Speaker. It continues -