The Parliament of Western Australia has a wide range of publications that can be downloaded and used as information support documents and for teaching purposes.

General resources about Parliament

Please note that some of these resources are large PDF PDFfiles and may take some time to download.

Second Reading: Parliamentary Government in Western Australia

by Dr Harry Phillips (revised 2014)

This publication contains information about the history, structure and function of the Parliament and Government in Western Australia.

Suitable for years 5 - 9

Citizens Guide to the Western Australian Parliament

by Dr Harry Phillips (revised 2015)

The resource provides summary information about the functions of Parliament and Government, Parliamentary operations and office holders and Parliamentary processes and procedures (including the legislative process).

Suitable for years 8-12

Structure and Function: A guide to understanding Western Australia's parliamentary processes and procedures

by Dr Harry Phillips (revised 2015)

This resource is an abridged version of the 'Citizen's Guide to the Western Australian Parliament.

Suitable for years 5-12

Fact sheets

Fact sheets have been developed to provide information about Parliament in Western Australia and the people who participate in its processes, Parliament House history and parliamentary democracy.

Individual titles can be downloaded OR the complete set of fact sheets can be downloaded.

The WA Parliamentary Library has developed a number of resources highlighting the rich history of the Parliament of Western Australia.

The following resources are helpful guides to interacting with the Parliament and its Committees:

(*PDF version - printed brochures on request)

Free teaching resources

The following Parliamentary Education Office support materials address aspects of the civics and citizenship component of the Western Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences

Parliamentary Education: Teacher Resource Book Years 5-6

    This booklet contains:
    • Teacher’s notes on each subject.
    • A list of curriculum links, links to the student workbook and to online resources.
    • A selection of civic and citizenship learning strategies which are based on an inquiry method of learning, and which can be applied to any of the subjects covered in this book.
    • A DIY mace template to enable classes to create their own mace as a symbol of their school. Teachers are invited to email pictures of their school mace to and these will be displayed on the Parliament of Western Australia website.

Parliamentary Education: Teachers Workbook Years 7-8

Helps to Establish lesson plans by
  • Providing background information for lesson plans with worksheets and forms
  • Setting out the processes needed to establish role play opportunities
  • Providing teachers with skills to enable students to -
- Explore how the democratic process works within Western Australia and the Federation
- Inform how the roles within Parliament help to shape the legislation which provides the fabric by which we all live
- Experience how laws are passed through the Parliamentary process

Parliamentary Education: Teachers Workbook Years 9 - 10

Teaching Notes for Year 9 & 10 provide a resource rich guide for time poor teachers, wanting to get the most out of Civics and Citizenship.

  • At a glance, discover why, how and what we cover within the following modules:
  • The role of political parties and independent representatives in Australia’s system of government.
  • How citizen’s choices are shaped at election time.
  • How Social Media is used to influence people’s understanding of issues.
  • The key features and values of Australia’s system of government.
  • The safeguards that protect Australia’s democratic system.

Lawmaking in Western Australia: Civics and Citizenship Aboriginal EAL/D Teacher guide

A culturally responsive and engaging civics and citizenship student workbook for Aboriginal EAL/D students from remote and regional areas of Western Australia who do not have access to visit the Parliament of Western Australia for educational purposes.
  • Rules, what they are and who makes them
  • Connection to Parliament
  • The Legislative Process - How Parliament makes laws?

Free student resources

Parliamentary Education: Student Workbook Year 5 & 6
  • How your Parliament of Western Australia works;
  • What the three levels of Government are within Australia;
  • How laws are made

Parliamentary Education: Student Workbook Years 7 - 8, 4 Modules

The Parliament of Western Australia or the State Parliament passes laws that affect almost every aspect of your life. In order to develop the knowledge and skill that will be necessary for you to participate effectively and responsibly in society, it is important that you gain an understanding of parliamentary democracy.

Module 1 - Division of Powers
Module 2 - Separation of Powers
Module 3 - The Voice of the People
Module 4 - How Laws are Made

Parliamentary Education: Student Workbook Years 9 - 10

Four modules that provide information about how the Parliament of Western Australia impacts your daily life by passing laws, by representing the people living in Western Australia, and by providing safeguards that protect Australia’s democratic system and society.

Module 1 - Political Parties
Module 2 - Active Citizenship
Module 3 - Technology influence
Module 4 - Safeguarding Western Australia's democracy

Lawmaking in Western Australia: Aboriginal EAL/D Student workbook

A culturally responsive and engaging civics and citizenship student workbook for Aboriginal EAL/D students and includes a range of student activities aimed at years 5 - 6 and middle high school.

Module 1 - Rules
Module 2 - Difference between rules and laws
Module 3 - Connection to Parliament

Parliamentary Education: EAL/D Plain English Student workbook

A resource developed for new migrants and people with English as an additional language or dialect.

Parliamentary Education : EAL/D Everyday English Student workbook

A resource for new migrants to provide an understanding of how laws are made and how the Parliament of Western Australia works for all West Australians.

Students with Special Needs

The information booklet provided for Ed Support Teachers and Students is designed to help prepare students with special needs for their tour of Parliament House.

Pre-Tour Education Support

Pre-tour education support has been designed to familiarise student with words they may hear on their visit to Parliament House.

Publications available for purchase

The following books are available for purchase from the Reception Desk at Parliament House, Harvest Terrace, Perth WA 6000 or by telephoning (08) 9222 7222. They are also available to be borrowed through the Western Australian Public Library service.

  • 'House to House: The Story of Western Australia’s Government and Parliament Houses over 175 years' - Phillip Pendal and David Black, 2004
  • 'Speakers and Presidents of the Western Australian Parliament' - Harry Phillips, 2004
  • 'The Western Australian Parliamentary Handbook', Twenty-third edition, edited by David Black, 2014 (revised)
  • 'Making a Difference: Women in the Western Australian Parliament 1921-2012' - David Black and Harry Phillips, 2012
  • 'Parliament: Mirror of the People? Members of the Parliament of Western Australia 1890-2007', Phillip Pendal, David Black and Harry Phillips, 2007

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