Members of the Western Australian Parliament - World War Two Military Service

World War II

Seventy-seven members served in the Australian and allied Military Forces during World War II.
  • forty-eight members of Parliament served with the Army as part of the Australian Imperial Force
  • twenty-four served with the Royal Australian Air Force
  • five served with the Royal Australian Navy and/or Royal Australian Navy Reserves
  • five members of Parliament served in both WWI and WWII


Six members were decorated for their service.

Sir Charles CourtOfficer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE (Military Division)
Victor Jasper FerryDistinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
William GraydenMedal of the Order of Australia (OA)
Edward Charles HouseDistinguish Flying Medial (DFM) and Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar (DFC), Africa Star
Hugh Alan LeslieOrder of the British Empire (OBE)
Graham Charles MacKinnonEfficiency Decoration (ED)

Wounded in Action

Sir David BrandServed in Greece; wounded 24 April 1941
Hugh Norman GutherieServed in Middle East, Papua and New Guinea, Dutch New Guinea, Morotai and Borneo; wounded in Sanananda
Phillip Richard LawrenceServed in 2/28th Battalion at Tobruk—Sergeant; wounded 27 July 1942 and repatriated
Hugh Alan LeslieBadly wounded at Tobruk 1941 - right leg amputated
Ivan Wemyss ManningWounded in action 27 July 1942 at Ruin Ridge, El Alamein - lost an arm.
John Verdun Newton*Killed in Action
John Carmichael TozerCommando Squadron (25 November 1943–19 September 1944); wounded in action 20 September 1943
Gerald Percy WildWounded in action in Crete 24 May 1941

*John Verdun Newton was killed in action. He was elected to the seat of Greenough 20 November 1943 but was never sworn in. He went missing presumed killed during a bombing raid over Germany on 14 January 1944.

Service in both Wold War I and World War II

Arthur Valentine Rutherford Abbott Enlisted Perth Australian Imperial Force (AIF) 26 May 1916 - 1919
Enlisted Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 1 October 1935 - 1945
Edward CorboyEnlisted with 1st Australian Imperial Force (AIF) 25 June 1915 - 1917
Enlisted 2nd Australian Imperial Force 3 August 1942 - 1945
Evan Morris DaviesEnlisted Australian Imperial Force (AIF) 8 August 1917 - 1919
During World War II served with 5th Garrison Battalion 29 October 1940 – 1941
Hugh Alan LeslieEnlisted with the South African Force 1916 with Queens South African Rifles 1916 - 1919.
Joined the Australian Army during World War II 1940 served in the Middle East. Badly Wounded at Tobruk 1941; right leg amputated.
Hubert Stanley Wyborn ParkerEnlisted Australian Imperial Force (AIF) 16 August 1914 - 1919
With Australian Army Legal Division 1940 - 1942
With Royal Australian Naval Reserve as Able-Seaman from 24 June 1942 - 1943

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