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Inquiry Name:

Arts in Regional Western Australia

Date Commenced:11/26/2002
Date Ended:10/28/2004
Tabling Date:10/28/2004
Inquiry Status:Past

Committee Name:

Community Development and Justice Committee (2001 - 2005)

House:Legislative Assembly

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Mr David Alan Templeman MLA
Mr John Norman Hyde MLA
Mr Anthony (Tony) Patrick O'Gorman MLA

Staff Members: Mr Michael Baker, B A (Hons). (Principal Research Officer)
Ms Nicole Burgess, BA (Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7469
Fax No:08 9222 7804
Postal Address:
Email: Click here to send an email to the Committee Office

Terms of Reference:That the Committee examine, report and make recommendations on the economic, cultural and social impact of the Arts in regional Western Australia. The Committee will pay particular attention to:

1. The benefits of the Arts to regional Western Australia;
2. The level of local content in the Arts;
3. The level of employment generated by the Arts;
4. The impact and effectiveness of government funding of the
Arts; and

5. The impact and effectiveness of arts festivals to the state and

The Committee will report its findings to the Legislative Assembly in April 2004.

Making a Submission to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly
Giving Evidence to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly

Deadline for Submissions:

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

Hearing Dates:






Broadcasted In


06/16/200309:00 AMMandurahCity of Mandurah
06/16/200310:00 AMMandurahMandurah Performing Arts Centre
06/16/200311:00 AMMandurahMandurah/Murray Arts Council
06/16/200312:00 PMMandurahBoddington Arts Council and Shire
06/16/200301:30 PMMandurahLocal Artists
07/28/200309:00 AMKarrathaWalkington Theatre and Karratha Youth Theatre
07/28/200310:00 AMKarrathaPilbara Arts Crafts and Design Aboriginal Corp
07/28/200311:00 AMKarrathaWarba Mirdawaji
07/28/200311:30 AMKarrathaBallidu Contemporary Arts Society Inc
07/28/200301:15 PMKarrathaShire of Roebourne
07/28/200302:15 PMKarrathaBujee Nhoorr Pu Aboriginal Cultural Enterprise
09/01/200308:30 AMBroomeShire of Broome
09/01/200309:30 AMBroomeShinju Matsuri
09/01/200310:30 AMBroomeBroome Arts and Music Foundation
09/01/200311:30 AMBroomeGoolarri Media Enterprises
09/01/200301:15 PMBroomeKimberley Performing Arts Council
10/10/200309:00 AMGeraldtonArts and Cultural Development Council
10/10/200310:00 AMGeraldtonCity of Geraldton
10/10/200311:00 AMGeraldtonRegional Library, Museum and Art Gallery
10/10/200301:15 PMGeraldtonTheatre '8'
10/10/200302:15 PMGeraldtonQueens Park Theatre
10/10/200303:15 PMGeraldtonCity of Geraldton Council
10/10/200304:15 PMGeraldtonLocal Artists
11/07/200310:00 AMKalgoorlieRhythms in the Outback Music Festival
11/07/200311:00 AMKalgoorlieCity of Kalgoorlie/Boulder
11/07/200301:00 PMKalgoorlieGoldfields Art Centre
11/07/200302:00 PMKalgoorlieFreefall Theatre Company
11/07/200303:00 PMKalgoorlieWongutha Birni Aboriginal Corporation
11/07/200304:00 PMKalgoorlieDesert Art Gallery
11/11/200309:00 AMEsperanceCannery Arts Centre
11/11/200310:00 AMEsperanceEsperance Showbizz Inc
11/11/200311:00 AMEsperanceShire Of Esperance
11/11/200312:45 PMEsperanceEsperance Theatre Guild
11/11/200302:00 PMEsperanceRavensthorpe Regional Arts Council
11/11/200303:00 PMEsperanceEsperance Community Arts
11/11/200304:00 PMEsperanceFestival of the Wind
02/19/200410:15 AMBunburyBunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
02/19/200411:15 AMBunburyCity of Bunbury
02/19/200412:15 PMBunburyEdith Cowan University
02/19/200402:15 PMBunburyArts Events
02/19/200403:15 PMBunburySouth West Development Commission
03/03/200409:30 AMArtsWA
03/10/200409:30 AMCountry Arts
03/31/200409:00 AMHealthway
03/31/200410:30 AMArtist Foundation
04/07/200410:30 AMLotterywest
04/30/200409:00 AMAlbanySpectrum Theatre Inc, Albany Light Opera & Theatre Co Inc
04/30/200410:00 AMAlbanyAlbany Arts AdvisoryCttee, Vancouver Arts Centre
04/30/200411:00 AMAlbanySouthern Edge Arts
04/30/200412:00 PMAlbanyCity of Albany
04/30/200402:00 PMAlbanyGreat Southern Development Commision
04/30/200402:45 PMAlbanyOffice of Aboriginal Economic Development
06/16/200411:15 AMPerth International Arts Festival

Site Visits and Travel Details:
27 April - 3 May 2003 - Meetings in Sydney, Aubury, Wangaratta and Melbourne

Related Written Submissions:

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Related Transcripts of Evidence:

• Evidence by Ms Marion Frances Palmer (Teacher, Department of Education), Mrs Lesley Marion Couzens (In-house Production Supervisor, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre), Ms Coral Richards (Teacher/Artist) on 16/06/2003
• Evidence by Ms Anthea Fitzhardinge (Art Teacher/Visual Artist, Mandurah-Murray Arts Council), Mrs Rosalie Richards (Visual Artist, President of the Mandurah-Murray Arts Council), Mrs Anne Elizabeth Bennetts (Visual Artist, Secretary of the Mandurah-Murray Arts Council) on 16/06/2003
• Evidence by Mr Ron Wotherspoon (Maintenance Group Leader, Alcoa), Ms Bethwyn Harvey (Centre Manager, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre), Ms Wendy Wise (General Manager, Perth International Arts Festival), Mr Peter Reading (Business Development Manager, Peel Development Commission) on 16/06/2003
• Evidence by Mr Ian Hill (Director Community Development, City of Mandurah), Mr Mark Newman (Chief Executive Officer, City of Mandurah), Ms Michele Emmerson-Law (Manager Community Services, City of Mandurah), Mr John Scott (Community Development Officer, City of Mandurah), Ms Jane Tillson (Arts and Cultural Development Officer, City of Mandurah) on 16/06/2003
• Evidence by Ms Trudy Bryant (Boddington Arts Council), Mrs Elizabeth Kay Hoek on 16/06/2003
• Evidence by Ms Rose Marie Murray (Arts Development Officer, Pilbara Arts Crafts and Design Aboriginal Corporation)28/07/2003 on 28/07/2003
• Evidence by Ms Janet Brown (Project Manager, Bujee Nhoorr Pu Aboriginal Cultural Enterprise), Mr Brendan Worrell (Masters Student, Community Development and Management) on 28/07/2003
• Evidence by Mr John Chodorowski (Manager, Recreation and Community Development, Shire of Roebourne) on 28/07/2003
• Evidence by Ms Pamella Joyce Toster (Farmer/Arts Worker, Ballidu Contemporary Arts Society Inc), Mr Peter Phillips (Farmer/Artist, Ballidu Contemporary Arts Society Inc) on 28/07/2003
• Evidence by Ms Pippa Davis (Theatre Manager, Walkington Theatre), Ms Robyn Barrett Levy (Artistic Director, Karratha Youth Theatre) on 28/07/2003
• Evidence by Ms Bernadette Baumgarten (Artist, Warba Mirdawaji), Ms Lynn Evans (Coordinator, Warba Mirdawaji) on 28/07/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Jillian Philp (President, Shinju Matsuri), Miss Adele Dixon (Project and Events Manager, Shinju Matsuri) on 01/09/2003
• Evidence by Ms Kim Hart (Chairperson, Kimberley Performing Arts Council Inc) on 01/09/2003
• Evidence by Ms Clare Chang (Director, Broome Arts and Music Foundation), Mr Gary John Bourne (Executive Director, Broome Arts and Music Foundation) on 01/09/2003
• Evidence by Mr Mark Bin Bakar (Artistic Director, Goolarri Media Enterprises), Mr Alopi Sione Latukefu (Strategic and Commercial Development Officer, Goolarri Media Enterprises), Mr Stephen "Baamba" Albert (Cultural Liaison and Public Relations Officer, Goolarri Media Enterprises) on 01/09/2003
• Evidence by Ms Nik Wevers (Deputy Shire President, Shire of Broome) on 01/09/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Glenys McDonald (Manager, Community Development, City of Geraldton), Mr Geoffrey Shoemark (Executive Manager, Technical Services, City of Geraldton), Mr Stephen Cope (Executive Manager, Development and Community Services, City of Geraldton) on 10/10/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Patricia Gallaher (Councillor, City of Geraldton) on 10/10/2003
• Evidence by Mr Brian William Robartson (Local Government Manager, Venue Manager, Queens Park Theatre) on 10/10/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Andrea Janine Jones (City Librarian, Geraldton Regional Library), Mr Adam Arthur Wolfe (Regional Manager, Western Australian Museum - Geraldton), Dr Marisa Gilles (Doctor/Senior Lecturer, Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health), Mr Mark Lennard (Regional Manager, Geraldton Regional Art Gallery) on 10/10/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Lorraine Lambert (Regional Community and Cultural Development Officer, Arts and Cultural Development Council of Geraldton Inc), Mrs Bernadette Anderson (Artist/Arts Administrator/Gallery Manager and Curator, Arts and Cultural Development Council of Geraldton Inc) on 10/10/2003
• Evidence by Dr Ian John Taylor (President, Theatre '8' Geraldton Inc), Mr Colin Miles (Fundraiser, Theatre '8' Geraldton Inc), Miss Kimberly Eugenie Stuart (Youth Drama Teacher, Creative Works Youth Theatre, Theatre '8' Geraldton Inc) on 10/10/2003
• Evidence by Ms Bianca Elise McNeair (Artist), Ms Roxanne Grant (Artist) on 10/10/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Barbara Anne Howard (Fundraising Manager, Festival Coordinator, Royal Flying Doctor Service (Eastern Goldfields WA Section)) on 07/11/2003
• Evidence by Mr Geoffrey Donald Stokes (Tour Operator, Wongutha Birni Aboriginal Corporation), Dr Christine Andrea Jeffries-Stokes (Paediatrician, Wongutha Birni Aboriginal Corporation) on 07/11/2003
• Evidence by Mr Anthony Dale Chisholm (Director Community Development Services, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder), Mr Troy Wesley Jones (Manager Leisure and Community Development, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder), Ms Jeanette Serena Beckett (Cultural Development Officer, City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder) on 07/11/2003
• Evidence by Ms Dvorakova-Mokhayber (Desert Art Gallery) on 07/11/2003
• Evidence by Ms Nerida Louise Glanfield on 07/11/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Christine Jane Boase (Aboriginal Economic Development Officer, Goldfields Esperance Development Commission), Mrs Leanne Michele Gunthur (Board Member, Freefall Theatre Co), Mrs Sandy Oxenburgh (Board Member, Freefall Theatre Co), Mr Geralt Moody (Board Member, Freefall Theatre Co) on 07/11/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Heather Patricia Gee (Past Coordinator, Festival of the Wind), Ms Lara Jean McIntyre (Secretary, Festival of the Wind), Mrs Margaret Rutter (Past Chairperson, Festival of the Wind), Ms Lindel Marie Taylor (Chair, Festival of the Wind) on 11/11/2003
• Evidence by Mr Christian James Siemer (Farmer/Artist, Cannery Arts Centre), Ms Tracy Carolyn (Artistic Manager, Cannery Arts Centre) on 11/11/2003
• Evidence by Mr Rodney Trevor Hilton (Executive Manager, Community Services, Shire of Esperance) on 11/11/2003
• Evidence by Mr Derek Clarke (President, Esperance Theatre Guild) on 11/11/2003
• Evidence by Mrs Heather Patricia Gee (Tour Coordinator, Esperance Showbizz Inc), Ms Dale Johnson (Artist/Former Chairperson, Esperance Community Arts) on 11/11/2003
• Evidence by Ms Ainsley Sue Foulds (Secretary/Treasurer, Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council) on 11/11/2003
• Evidence by Ms Dale Johnson (Artist, Esperance Community Arts), Ms Catherine Margaret West (Media Liaison, Esperance Bay Music Club), Mrs Louise Jane Strangways Paterson (Administrator, Esperance Community Arts) on 11/11/2003
• Evidence by Mr Flyn Dylan Narkle (Project Officer, South West Development Commission) on 19/02/2004
• Evidence by Ms Jo Marie O'Dea (Arts Events Coordinator) on 19/02/2004
• Evidence by Mr Anthony Philip Blee (Executive Manager, City Life, City of Bunbury) on 19/02/2004
• Evidence by Mr Graham John Harvey (Manager, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre) on 19/02/2004
• Evidence by Ms Robyn Janelle McCarron (Senior Lecturer, Creative Industries Program, Edith Cowan University) on 19/02/2004
• Evidence by Ms Allanah Lucas (Director, ArtsWA), Mr Alastair John MacLeod Bryant (Director General, Department of Culture and the Arts), Mr Ellis John Griffiths (Director, Planning and Policy, Department of Culture and the Arts) on 03/03/2004
• Evidence by Mr Andrew Graham Farrant (General Manager, Country Arts WA), Ms Rosalind Glayde Ruth Brown (Arts Worker, Country Arts WA) on 10/03/2004
• Evidence by Ms Jude van der Merwe (Acting General Manager, Artists Foundation of WA, ArtSource) on 31/03/2004
• Evidence by Mr Neil Stuart Guard (Executive Director, Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation), Mr Lindsay John Lovering (Arts Program Manager, Healthway) on 31/03/2004
• Evidence by Ms Pamela Peelen (Acting Grants Promotion and Communication Coordinator, Lotterywest), Ms Jacquie Thomson (Director, Lotterywest Grants and Community Development, Lotterywest) on 07/04/2004
• Evidence by Mr Rodney Vervest (Regional Coordinator, Perth International Arts Festival), Ms Stevie Cole (Development Officer, Great Southern Development Commission) on 30/04/2004
• Evidence by Mr William (Peter) Madigan (Executive Director, Corporate and Community Services, City of Albany) on 30/04/2004
• Evidence by Ms Annette Davis (Freelance Art Curator and Member, Albany Arts Advisory Committee), Ms Beth Kirkland (Artist/Lecturer, TAFE and Edith Cowan University), Mr Ian Haines (Member, Albany Arts Advisory Committee and Town Hall Theatre Production Committee), Ms Shaaron du Bignon (Practising Artist and Art Lecturer, Great Southern Regional College of TAFE) on 30/04/2004
• Evidence by Mr Trevor Dack (President, Light Opera and Theatre Company), Mr Christopher Holden (President, Spectrum Theatre) on 30/04/2004
• Evidence by Dr Graham Townley (Development Officer, Great Southern Development Commission), Mr Peter Cox (Manager, Office of Aboriginal Economic Development) on 30/04/2004
• Evidence by Mr Douglas Selwyn Redvers Walker (Artistic Director, Southern Edge Arts) on 30/04/2004
• Evidence by Mr Lachlan McDonald (Producer, Community Regional Special Events, University of Western Australia Perth International Arts Festival), Mr Drew Dymond (Technical Director, University of Western Australia Perth International Arts Festival) on 16/06/2004
• Evidence by Ms Pilar Kasat (Managing Director, Community Arts Network Western Australia Ltd) on 18/08/2004

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