Land Administration Bill 1997

Bill No.9

The purpose of this Bill is to repeal the Land Act 1933. The Bill will codify, under the administration of the Minister for Lands, all processes relating to the survey of boundaries for Crown Land, reserving Crown Land in the public interest for a specific purpose, and the sale or transfer of Crown Land into the freehold. This Bill will also provide the necessary power to formally create a registration system for Crown Land, including the ability to lodge instruments and orders made by the Minister, the provision of new tenures such as small reserves and public access routes, the adoption of new sales and leasing powers and the provision of new procedures to gain efficiencies in the administration of Crown Land.

StatusAssented to 10/03/1997
Royal Assent given 3 Oct 1997 as Act No. 30 of 1997. Different sections of this Act come into operation on Royal Assent and Proclamation. For details refer to Commencement Clause of the Bill (see also Assent and Commencement information for Acts)

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Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
First Reading 08/27/1997  
Second Reading 08/28/1997  
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 09/09/1997  
Consideration in Detail 09/09/1997 1 
Third Reading 09/18/1997  

Legislative Council DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 03/26/1997  
First Reading 03/26/1997  
Second Reading 03/26/1997  
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 04/09/1997  
Committee of the whole 04/09/1997 2 
Amendments adopted 06/12/1997  
Third Reading 06/25/1997  

Other Procedures DateNote No.Related Links
Recommitted  06/25/1997  
Bill ruled out of order by the Speaker  08/19/1997 3 

1. Subject to section 22 of the Interpretation Act 1984, this Act does not come into operation until all provisions of the Transfer of Land Amendment Act 1996 have come into operation. Proclaimed on 30 March 1998.
2. Referred to Assembly Legislation Committee committee reported back on September 18.
3. On August 27 Leader of the House moved a motion to suspend standing orders to allow the Bill to proceed through remaining stages.