Heathcote Hospital Site (Reservation) Bill 2001

Bill No.63

SynopsisThe purpose of this Bill is to protect the Heathcote Hospital site from undesirable interference by reserving the land as a class 'A' reserve under the Land Administration Act 1997.

Private Members Bill introduced by Dr Janet May Woollard, RN, BApp Sc, MEd, PhD MLA

StatusBill Lapsed 01/23/2005

Current Bill


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Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 10/17/2001  
First Reading 10/17/2001  
Second Reading 10/17/2001  
Second Reading Speech   

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Legislative Assembly Second Reading - Reinstated  08/15/2002 1 
Bill Lapsed  01/23/2005 2 

1. Restored from the 1st session of the 36th Parliament on 15 August 2002.
2. 36th Parliament prorogued and Legislative Assembly dissolved 23 January 2005.