Acts Amendment (State Supply and Public Works) Bill 1997

Bill No.28

The purpose of this Bill is to provide effective consolidated powers for the Department of Contract and Management Services’ contracting and to separate the State Supply Commission’s ongoing policy and regulatory powers from the contracting function. The Bill amends the Land Acquisition and Public Works Act 1902 to expand Western Australian Building Management Authority’s scope of operation to allow it to contract for all public works and changes its name to Contract and Management Services Authority. It also amends the State Supply Commission Act 1991 to place contracting for goods and services within the Western Australian Building Management Authority and to retain the regulatory functions with the State Supply Commission.

StatusLegislative Assembly Second Reading 08/28/1997
This Act comes into operation on a day fixed by Proclamation

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Introduced 08/27/1997  
First Reading 08/27/1997  
Second Reading 08/28/1997 1 
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