Animal Welfare Bill 1999

Bill No.79

SynopsisThe purpose of this Bill is to provide for the protection of animals by -
  • regulating the use of animals for scientific purposes; and
  • prohibiting cruel, inhumane or improper treatment of animals.

The Bill intends to accomplish this by -
  • promoting and protecting the welfare, safety and health of animals;
  • ensuring the proper and humane care and management of animals in accordance with generally accepted standards; and
  • reflecting the community's expectation that people who are in charge of animals will ensure that they are properly treated and cared for.

StatusLegislative Council Second Reading 11/15/2000
This Act comes into operation on a day fixed by Proclamation

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Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 11/24/1999  
First Reading 11/24/1999  
Second Reading 11/24/1999 1, 2 
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 09/14/2000  
Consideration in Detail 09/21/2000  
Third Reading 11/14/2000  

Legislative Council DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 11/15/2000  
First Reading 11/15/2000  
Second Reading 11/15/2000 1 
Second Reading Speech   

Other Procedures DateNote No.Related Links
Reinstated to the stage reached in the previous Session  08/09/2000 2 

1. Explanatory memorandum provided.
2. Restored from the Third Session of Parliament on 9 August 2000.