Environmental Protection Amendment Bill 1997

Bill No.82

The purpose of this Bill is to -
      • reform the Act’s provisions for offences, penalties and enforcement;
      • provide for the collection and disbursement of the landfill levy through a dedicated trust fund;
      • provide for the operation of the waste management facilities at Mt Walton East and Forrestdale;
      • enable the implementation of national environment protection measures made under the National Environmental Protection Council (WA) Act 1996; and
      • provide the power to regulate the sale of wood heaters and firewood to help tackle Perth’s winter haze problem.

StatusLegislative Council Third Read 04/30/1998
This Act comes into operation on a day fixed by Proclamation

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Legislative Assembly DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 10/21/1997  
First Reading 10/21/1997  
Second Reading 10/22/1997 1 
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 11/19/1997  
Amendments adopted 11/19/1997  
Third Reading 11/19/1997  

Legislative Council DateNote No.Related Documents
Introduced 11/26/1997  
First Reading 11/26/1997  
Second Reading 11/26/1997 1 
Second Reading Speech   
Second Reading Agreed 04/08/1998 2 
Committee of the whole 04/30/1998  
Amendments adopted 04/30/1998  
Third Reading 04/30/1998  

1. Bill accompanied by explanatory notes
2. Section 20 comes into operation on the day on which the Environmental Protection (Landfill) Levy Act 1997 comes into operation. Part 2 and sections 22 to 26, 29, 31, 32, and 36 come into operation by proclamation. The balance of the Bill on Royal Assent.
3. Clauses 22 to 28 of the Bill referred to the Standing Committee on Ecologically Sustainable Development.