The table includes all bills introduced in the 40th Parliament, which was established on 11 May 2017.

Progress of Bills Currently before Parliament - 40th Parliament 1st Session

These bills are currently being considered by Parliament.

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Bill NameBill No.1st Read2nd Read Hansard2nd Read AgreedConsid DetailAmend3rd Read1st Read2nd Read Hansard2nd Read AgreedCommAmend3rd Read
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 201733 11/10/1711/10/17 p. 4456b
Appropriation (Capital 2010-11 to 2015-16) Supplementary Bill 20173113/9/1713/9/17 p. 3939c30/11/1730/11/175/12/175/12/17
Appropriation (Capital 2016-17) Supplementary Bill 20175429/11/1729/11/17 p. 6268c
Appropriation (Recurrent 2010-11 to 2015-16) Supplementary Bill 20173013/9/1713/9/17 p. 3939b30/11/1730/11/175/12/175/12/17
Appropriation (Recurrent 2016-17) Supplementary Bill 20175529/11/1729/11/17 p. 6268b
Building and Construction Industry Training Fund and Levy Collection Amendment Bill 201729 6/9/176/9/17 p. 3380a
Civil Liability Legislation Amendment (Child Sexual Abuse Actions) Bill 20175322/11/1722/11/17 p. 5913b
Constitution Amendment (Demise of the Crown) Bill 2017429/6/1729/6/17 p. 2135c17/10/1717/10/1717/5/1717/5/17 p. 166b27/6/1727/6/17
Coroners Amendment Bill 20171528/6/1728/6/17 p. 1928b17/8/1717/8/1722/8/1722/8/17 p. 3064d
Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Amendment Bill 20174118/10/1718/10/17 p. 4853b23/11/1723/11/1723/11/1728/11/1728/11/17
Corruption, Crime and Misconduct and Criminal Property Confiscation Amendment Bill 20172116/8/1716/8/17 p. 2894b7/9/177/9/177/9/1714/9/1714/9/1714/9/17 p. 4073b
Court Jurisdiction Legislation Amendment Bill 20174018/10/1718/10/17 p. 4854b
Courts Legislation Amendment Bill 201723 6/9/176/9/17 p. 3380b
Criminal Code Amendment (Industrial Manslaughter) Bill 201711 15/6/1715/6/17 p. 942b
Criminal Procedure Amendment (Trial by Judge Alone) Bill 201743 7/12/177/12/17
Dangerous Sexual Offenders Legislation Amendment Bill 2017226/9/176/9/17 p. 3430b14/9/1714/9/1714/9/1714/9/1714/9/17 p. 4072b8/11/178/11/177/12/17
Electoral Amendment (Access to Ministers) Bill 201727 7/9/177/9/17 p. 3495d
Environmental Protection Amendment (Clearing for Fire Risk Reduction) Bill 201749 7/12/177/12/17
Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (WA) Amendment Bill 20172016/8/1716/8/17 p. 2893b5/9/175/9/175/9/176/9/176/9/176/9/17 p. 3408b
Heritage Bill 2017478/11/178/11/17 p. 5625c
Historical Homosexual Convictions Expungement Bill 2017421/11/171/11/17 p. 5213d
Land Tax Assessment Amendment Bill 2017468/11/178/11/17 p. 5605b
Mines Safety and Inspection Amendment Bill 20173811/10/1711/10/17 p. 4523b8/11/178/11/179/11/179/11/17 p. 5675b
Natural Gas (Canning Basin Joint Venture) Agreement (Termination) Bill 20175629/11/1729/11/17 p. 6266b
Occupational Safety and Health Amendment Bill 20173511/10/1711/10/17 p. 4523a7/11/178/11/178/11/179/11/179/11/17 p. 5674b
Pay-roll Tax Amendment (Debt and Deficit Remediation) Bill 20173612/10/1712/10/17 p. 4731b2/11/177/11/177/11/177/11/177/11/17 p. 5460c7/12/177/12/177/12/17
Pay-roll Tax Assessment Amendment (Debt and Deficit Remediation) Bill 20173712/10/1712/10/17 p. 4731c7/11/177/11/177/11/177/11/177/11/17 p. 5468a7/12/177/12/177/12/17
Pilbara Port Assets (Disposal) Repeal Bill 20177 15/6/1715/6/17 p. 941d
Ports Legislation Amendment Bill 20175229/11/1729/11/17 p. 6269a
Prevention of Forced Closure of Remote Aboriginal Communities Bill 20179 15/6/1715/6/17 p. 943b
Salaries and Allowances Amendment (Debt and Deficit Remediation) Bill 20173411/10/1711/10/17 p. 4519c12/10/1712/10/1712/10/1712/10/17 p. 4693b6/12/176/12/177/12/177/12/17
School Curriculum and Standards Authority Amendment Bill 2017448/11/178/11/17 p. 5605c21/11/1721/11/1721/11/1722/11/1728/11/1728/11/17 6/12/176/12/176/12/17
Sentence Administration Amendment Bill 2017817/5/1717/5/17 p. 169c27/6/1727/6/1728/6/1728/6/17 p. 1889a
Suitors' Fund Amendment Bill 20175029/11/1729/11/17 p. 6267b
Suitors' Fund Amendment (Levy) Bill 20175129/11/1729/11/17 p. 6268a
Tobacco Products Control Amendment Bill 201728 6/9/176/9/17 p. 3381b
Western Australian Jobs Bill 2017186/9/176/9/17 p. 3428d19/10/1719/10/1719/10/1731/10/1731/10/17 p. 5022b5/12/175/12/176/12/17
Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Amendment Bill 2017451/11/171/11/17 p. 5214b