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Typing any of theseFinds
NOT not !documents that do not contain the condition or word following NOT

AND and &documents that contain both the conditions or words separated by AND

OR or |documents that contain either of the conditions or words separated by OR

ACCRUE accrue , (comma)the same documents as OR, but increases the relevance ranking of a document when the document contains more than one matching conditon or word

@documents which contain both of the words that are separated by @, as long as the words are next to each other in the documents. (Do not place spaces between @ and either word.)

Typing this textFinds documents that contain
cat & dog & fishall three of these words

cat | dog | fishat least one of these words

cat, dog, fishat least one of these words. Notes gives higher relevance to documents that contain two or three of these words

dog@fishdog and fish next to each other

(dog AND cat) OR fishdog and cat; fish

dog AND (cat OR fish)dog and cat; dog and fish

dog AND NOT (cat OR fish)dog, as long as they don't also contain cat or fish