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Inquiry Name:

Inquiry into the Government’s Local Projects Local Jobs Program

Date Commenced:05 Dec 2018
Tabling Date:05 Dec 2019
Inquiry Status:Current

Committee Name:

Estimates and Financial Operations Committee

House:Legislative Council

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Hon. Tjorn Dirk Sibma MLC
Hon. Alanna Therese Clohesy MLC
Hon. Diane Marie Evers MLC
Hon. Colin Richard Tincknell MLC

Substitute Members:

Hon. Jacqui Ellen Boydell MLCsubstitute forHon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC

Media Statements:

Staff Members: Mr Andrew Hawkes (Advisory Officer)
Ms Clair Siva (Committee Clerk)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7428
Fax No:08 9222 7805
Postal Address:Parliament House, 4 Harvest Terrace
West Perth WA 6005
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Terms of Reference:(1) The Estimates and Financial Operations Committee shall conduct an inquiry into the Government’s Local Projects Local Jobs program.

(2) The Committee is to inquire into the Local Projects Local Jobs program (“the program”) with particular reference to the following —
    (a) how each project was developed, evaluated and selected for funding;
    (b) how payments were made and acquitted under each project to ensure financial probity and accountability;
    (c) how actual or perceived conflicts of interest were declared and managed under each project;
    (d) the number of projects funded and for each project the amount of funding provided and number of jobs created;
    (e) whether community, education, arts and sporting groups within the State were afforded an equal opportunity to access the program;
    (f) whether funding to the program affected the quantum of funds available for grants or other funding sources for community, education, arts and sporting groups within the State and if so in what way; and
    (g) any other related matter.

(3) The Committee is to also inquire into the establishment of a Parliamentary Budget Office for the independent costing of election promises and related purposes.

(4) For the purposes of this inquiry only, the Hon Tjorn Sibma is appointed Chair of the Committee and the Hon Alanna Clohesy is appointed Deputy Chair.

(5) The Committee is to report no later than twelve months after the referral.

Important Information

Legislative Council Guide to Making Submissions to a Parliamentary Committee

Deadline for Submissions:
30 Apr 2019


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