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Inquiry into the need for laws in Western Australia to allow citizens to make informed choices regarding their own end of life choices

Date Commenced:08/23/2017
Tabling Date:08/23/2018
Inquiry Status:Current

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Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choices


Members Conducting Inquiry
Hon. Robin Howard Chapple MLC
Hon. Nicolas (Nick) Pierre Goiran MLC
Hon. Colin James Holt MLC
Hon. Dr Sally Elizabeth Talbot MLC
Ms Amber-Jade Sanderson MLA
Mr Reece Raymond Whitby MLA
Mr John Edwin McGrath MLA
Mr Simon Alexander Millman MLA

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Staff Members: Dr Jeannine Purdy, BA B Juris (Hons) LLB PhD (Law and Legal Studies) (Principal Research Officer)

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Phone No:08 9222 7494
Fax No:08 9222 7804
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Terms of Reference:On 23 August 2017, the Parliament established a Joint Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council to inquire and report on the need for laws in Western Australia to allow citizens to make informed decisions regarding their own end of life choices, in particular, the Committee should –

(a) assess the practices currently being utilised within the medical community to assist a person to exercise their preferences for the way they want to manage their end of life when experiencing chronic and/or terminal illnesses, including the role of palliative care;

(b) review the current framework of legislation, proposed legislation and other relevant reports and materials in other Australian States and Territories and overseas jurisdictions;

(c) consider what type of legislative change may be required, including an examination of any federal laws that may impact such legislation; and

(d) examine the role of Advanced Health Directives, Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Guardianship laws and the implications for individuals covered by these instruments in any proposed legislation.

Parliament has requested that the Joint Select Committee report to both Houses by 23 August 2018.

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