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Proceedings Details

Proceedings Name:

Public Hearings with the Department of Justice

Commencement Date:

12 Sep 2018

Proceedings Status:


Committee Name:

Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission



Members Conducting Inquiry:


Ms Margaret Mary Quirk MLA
Hon. James (Jim) Edward Chown MLC
Hon. Alison Marie Xamon MLC
Mr Matthew Hughes MLA

Staff Members:

Ms Vanessa Beckingham, BA (Hons) (Acting Principal Research Officer)
Ms Marion Huntly (Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone Number:

08 9222 7857

Fax Number:

08 9222 7804

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• Evidence by Mr Tony Hassall (Commissioner of Corrective Services, Department of Justice) and Mr Shayne Maines (Deputy Commissioner, Adult and Youth Justice Services, Department of Justice) on 12/09/2018
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