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Inquiry Name:

Inquiry into the Protection of Crowded Places from Terrorist Acts

Date Commenced:02/13/2018
Tabling Date:11/22/2018
Inquiry Status:Current

Committee Name:

Community Development and Justice Standing Committee

House:Legislative Assembly

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Mr Peter Argyris Katsambanis MLA
Mr Mark James Folkard MLA
Mr Antonio (Tony) Krsticevic MLA
Mr Zak Richard Francis Kirkup MLA
Mr Donald (Don) Thomas Punch MLA

Media Statements:

Staff Members: Ms Franchesca Walker (Acting Principal Research Officer)
Dr Amy Lampard (Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7467
Fax No:08 9222 7804
Postal Address:
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Terms of Reference:The Community Development and Justice Standing Committee will inquire into and report on the protection of crowded places in Western Australia from terrorist acts. In particular, the Committee will consider the Parliament of Western Australia’s role in overseeing counter-terrorism arrangements in Western Australia to ensure that it can properly evaluate the:

1. state-based emergency management framework;

2. implementation of mitigation and protective security measures;

3. relationships between state government departments and agencies and owners and operators of crowded places;

4. capability of the Western Australia Police Force to respond to a terrorist attack on a crowded place; and

5. security licensing, registration, and assurance processes in Western Australia.

In doing so, the Committee will have regard for the flow of information between agencies and other relevant stakeholders.

Important Information

Further information about the inquiry.PDFFurther information about the inquiry.PDF

Making a Submission to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly
Giving Evidence to a Parliamentary Committee of the Legislative Assembly

Deadline for Submissions:

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth

Hearing Dates:






Broadcasted In


02/14/201810:15 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Office - Meeting Room 4VenuesWestMr David Etherton (Chief Executive Officer) Public
02/14/201811:00 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Office - Meeting Room 4City of PerthMr Martin Mileham (Chief Executive Officer), Ms Rebecca Moore (Director Community & Commercial Services) Public
02/21/201810:15 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Office - Meeting Room 1Department of Transport/Public Transport AuthorityMr Richard Sellers (Director General, Department of Transport), Mr Mark Burgess (Managing Director, Public Transport Authority), Mr Steve Furmedge (Director Security Services, Public Transport Authority), Mr Peter Jones (Acting Executive Director Transperth System, Regional and School Bus Services, Public Transport Authority), Mr Ray Buchholz (General Manager Marine Safety, Department of Transport) Public
02/21/201811:00 AMLegislative Assembly Committee Office - Meeting Room 1City of South PerthMr Geoff Glass (Chief Executive Officer, Mr Peter Roaen (Event Manager), Mr David Fyfe (Infrastructure Planning Officer), Mr Patrick Quigley (Manager, Community, Recreation and Culture) Public

Related Written Submissions:

Written Submission by Mr Gerard Clyne received on 17 Feb 2018

Related Transcripts of Evidence:

• Evidence by Mr Martin Mileham (Chief Executive Officer, City of Perth) and Ms Rebecca Moore (Director, Commerical and Community Services, City of Perth) on 14/02/2018
• Evidence by Mr David Etherton (Chief Executive Officer, VenuesWest) on 14/02/2018

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