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House Referral of Permanent Park Home Residents Matter

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Economics and Industry Committee (2008 - 2013)


Legislative Assembly

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Dr Michael (Mike) Dennis Nahan MLA
Mr William (Bill) Joseph Johnston MLA
Mr Michael (Mick) Philip Murray MLA
Ms Andrea Ruth Mitchell MLA
Mr Ian Charles Blayney MLA

Staff Members:

Mr Timothy Hughes, BA (Hons) (Principal Research Officer)
Mrs Kristy Bryden, BA, BCom (Research Officer)

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9222 7496

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9222 7804

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Referral Motion of 13 April 2011

That the House calls on the Barnett Government to take action to help permanent park home residents obtain greater certainty in relation to their living arrangements in the future...and the Economics and Industry Standing Committee be requested to consider the appropriateness of undertaking an investigation into all park homes that have been closed or have collectively evicted long-stay tenants since 2006 to ensure compliance with all aspects of appropriate legislation.

To assist in its response to the House, the Committee will hold a series of hearings with six State Government departments to obtain follow-up information from relevant recommendations of the Committee's 2010 Inquiry into the Provision, Use and Regulation of Caravan Parks (and Camping Grounds).

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the Legislative Assembly Committee Rooms, Level 1/11 Harvest Tce, West Perth
Hearing Dates:
DateTimeVenueOrganisationWitnessesBroadcasted In
08/29/201111:30 AMDepartment of Commerce
08/29/201101:00 PMDepartment of Planning
08/29/201102:15 PMDepartment of Housing
08/29/201103:30 PMDepartment of Local Government
08/31/201109:15 AMTourism WA
08/31/201110:30 AMDepartment of Environment and Conservation

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Related Transcripts of Evidences:
• Evidence by MR BRIAN BRADLEY (Director General, Department of Commerce), MR DAVID HILLYARD (Director, Consumer Protection, Department of Commerce), MR TOM FILOV (Acting Director, Legislation and Policy, Department of Commerce), MS ANNE DRISCOLL (Executive Director, Consumer Protection, Department of Commerce) on 29/08/2011
• Evidence by MR BRADLEY JOLLY (Executive Director, Governance and Legislation, Department of Local Government), MS MARY ADAM (Manager, Legislation, Department of Local Government), MISS JOANNE PROCTOR (Research and Policy Officer, Legislation, Department of Local Government), MR WALTER ARROW (Acting Principal Policy Officer, Department of Local Government) on 29/08/2011
• Evidence by MR TIMOTHY HILLYARD, Property Services Manager, Western Australian Planning Commission on 29/08/2011
• Evidence by MR GRAHAME SEARLE (Director General, Department of Housing), MR GREGORY CASH (Director, Affordable Housing Policy, Department of Housing), MR PAUL WHYTE (General Manager, Commercial and Business Operations, Department of Housing) on 29/08/2011
• Evidence by MR KEIRAN McNAMARA (Director General, Department of Environment and Conservation), MR PETER SHARP (Director, Parks and Visitor Services Division, Department of Environment and Conservation), MR JAMES SHARP (Deputy Director General, Parks and Conservation, Department of Environment and Conservation) on 31/08/2011
• Evidence by MS STEPHANIE BUCKLAND (Chief Executive Officer, Tourism WA), MR CAMPBELL FLETCHER (Policy Manager, Tourism WA) on 31/08/2011
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