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Standing Order 6(3): Recalling the Council

Inquiry status:Past
Date commenced:09/19/2018
Tabling date:12/04/2018
Date Ended:12/04/2018
Committee:Procedure and Privileges Committee (Council)
House:Legislative Council
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:A. That a proposed amendment to Standing Order 6(3) be considered by the House in the following terms —
(3) When the Council is adjourned the President:
(a) may on the request of the Leader of the House and after consultation with the leaders of all parties vary the day and time at which the Council may next meet; or
(b) shall, at the written request of an absolute majority of the whole number of Members that the Council meet at a certain day and time, fix a day and time of meeting in accordance with that request.
(4) When varying or fixing a day and time of meeting not less than 4 days’ notice shall be given to each Member.
(5) For the purposes of (3)(b):
(a) A request by the leader or deputy leader of a party in the Council shall be deemed to be a request by every member of that party who is a member of the Council.
(b) A request may be made to the President by delivery to the Clerk, who shall immediately notify the President.
(c) If the President is unavailable, the Clerk shall notify the Deputy President, or, should the Deputy President be unavailable, any one of the Deputy Chairs of Committees, who shall be required to summon the Council on behalf of the President, in accordance with this temporary order.
B. That the proposed amendment is referred to the Standing Committee on Procedure and Privileges for consideration and report within three months.
C. That each party leader not a member of the Standing Committee on Procedure and Privileges be co-opted to the committee for the purpose of this referral.

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Members conducting inquiry

Members:Hon. Catherine (Kate) Esther Doust MLC
Hon. Simon O'Brien MLC
Hon. Martin Aldridge MLC
Hon. Adele Farina MLC
Hon. Ricky (Rick) John Mazza MLC
Co-opted Members:Hon. Jacqui Ellen Boydell MLC
Hon. Peter Charles Collier MLC
Hon. Suzanne (Sue) Mary Ellery MLC
Hon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC
Hon. Colin Richard Tincknell MLC
Hon. Alison Marie Xamon MLC
Staff Members:Mr Nigel Pratt, BA, BJuris, LLB (Clerk of the Legislative Council)
Mr Paul Grant, BA (Hons), LLB (Deputy Clerk)
Mr Grant Hitchcock, BA (Usher of the Black Rod)