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Inquiry into the Administration and Management of the 2017 State General Election

Date Commenced:06/28/2017
Tabling Date:11/30/2017
Inquiry Status:Current

Committee Name:

Community Development and Justice Standing Committee

House:Legislative Assembly

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Mr Peter Argyris Katsambanis MLA
Mr Mark James Folkard MLA
Mr Antonio (Tony) Krsticevic MLA
Mr Zak Richard Francis Kirkup MLA
Mr Donald (Don) Thomas Punch MLA

Media Statements:

No Media Statements released

Staff Members: Ms Franchesca Walker (Acting Principal Research Officer)
Ms Michele Chiasson (Research Officer)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7467
Fax No:08 9222 7804
Email: Click here to send an email to this Committee

Terms of Reference:The Community Development and Justice Standing Committee will inquire into and report on the Western Australian Electoral Commission’s administration and management of the 2017 State General Election. In particular, the Committee will assess the adequacy of the Commission’s procedures in relation to:

Ballot security, including paper ballots and electronic ballots;

The participation of communities with traditionally low levels of enrolment or turn out, and/or high levels of informality;

Remote polling services; and

The operation of polling places, including early voting centres, campaign advertising and the distribution of campaign material.

In doing so, the Committee will consider the responsiveness of the Electoral Act 1907 to the electoral needs of Western Australia.

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