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Inquiry into children and young people on the Sex Offenders Register - is mandatory registration appropriate?

Inquiry status:Current
Date commenced:04/11/2019
Deadline for submissions:05/24/2019
Committee:Environment and Public Affairs Committee
House:Legislative Council
Media Statements: 04/11/2019
Important Information:
Terms of Reference:On 10 April 2019, the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs resolved as follows:
To inquire into mandatory registration of children and young people on the Community Protection Offender Register (known as the sex offenders register) in accordance with the Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004.
In particular, the Committee will consider the following:
(a) the current criteria for registration on the sex offenders register;

(b) the advantages and disadvantages of mandatory registration;

(c) circumstances that may not warrant mandatory registration;

(d) the approach employed by other jurisdictions; and

(e) any other matters considered relevant by the Committee.

The Committee intends to table its report by the end of 2019.

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