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Inquiry Name:

2012/13 Budget Estimates Hearings

Date Commenced:04/30/2012
Date Ended:11/28/2012
Inquiry Status:Past

Committee Name:

Estimates and Financial Operations Committee

House:Legislative Council

Members Conducting Inquiry
Members:Hon. Giz Watson MLC
Hon. Philip Warren Gardiner MLC
Hon. Elizabeth (Liz) Lloyd Behjat MLC
Hon. Kenneth (Ken) Dunstan Elder Travers MLC
Hon. Ljiljanna Maria Ravlich MLC

Media Statements:

Staff Members: Mr Steve Hales, BBus PGradDipBus CPA FFin ACIS (Advisory Officer)
Ms Samantha Parsons (Committee Clerk)

Contact Details

Phone No:08 9222 7207
Fax No:08 9222 7805
Postal Address:
Email: Click here to send an email to the Committee Office

Terms of Reference:
The key functions of the Committee under its terms of reference are to consider and report on the estimates of expenditure laid before the Council each year, and any matter relating to the financial administration of the State.

The purpose of these hearings is to consider the estimates of expenditure outlined in the Government’s 2012/13 Budget papers. This is the key mechanism through which Council members can ask questions of the Government regarding the programs it intends to finance and implement.

Important Information

Legislative Council Guide to Making Submissions to a Parliamentary Committee

Unless a venue is specified, hearings are held at the
Legislative Council Committee Rooms Ground Floor, 18-32 Parliament Place, West Perth

Hearing Dates:






Broadcasted In


06/05/201201:00 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Education
06/05/201204:30 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Training and Workforce Development
06/05/201207:00 PMLegislative Council ChamberWestern Australia Police
06/06/201201:00 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Mines and Petroleum
06/06/201204:00 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Fisheries
06/06/201207:00 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Water
06/07/201209:00 AMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Treasury
06/07/201201:30 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Finance
06/07/201203:30 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Health
06/07/201208:00 PMLegislative Council ChamberMental Health Commission
06/08/201209:30 AMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Environment and Conservation
06/08/201201:30 PMLegislative Council ChamberDepartment of Housing
06/11/201202:30 PMWestern Australia Police (Follow-Up)
06/18/201202:00 PMDepartment for Child Protection
06/18/201204:45 PMDepartment for Communities
06/22/201210:00 AMWestern Australia Police (Follow-Up)
06/25/201202:00 PMDepartment of Regional Development and Lands
07/03/201209:00 AMDepartment of Transport
07/03/201201:00 PMPublic Transport Authority
07/03/201203:15 PMMain Roads
07/03/201205:15 PMOffice of Road Safety
07/05/201209:00 AMDepartment of Corrective Services
07/05/201211:15 AMDepartment of Local Government
07/05/201202:00 PMWater Corporation
07/05/201204:15 PMConservation Commission of Western Australia
08/03/201209:00 AMWestern Power
08/03/201211:00 AMPublic Utilities Office
08/03/201201:30 PMSynergy
08/03/201203:00 PMHorizon Power
08/03/201204:30 PMVerve Energy
08/06/201202:00 PMDepartment of Agriculture and Food
08/06/201204:15 PMForest Products Commission
10/22/201201:00 PMDepartment of Agriculture and Food (Follow-Up)


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• Evidence by Department of Training and Workforce Development on 05/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Mines and Petroleum on 06/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Water on 06/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Fisheries on 06/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Health on 07/06/2012
• Evidence by Mental Health Commission on 07/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Treasury on 07/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Finance on 07/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Housing on 08/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Environment and Conservation on 08/06/2012
• Evidence by Western Australia Police on 11/06/2012
• Evidence by Department for Child Protection on 18/06/2012
• Evidence by Department for Communities on 18/06/2012
• Evidence by Hon Peter Collier MLC on 22/06/2012
• Evidence by Department of Regional Development and Lands on 25/06/2012
• Evidence by Public Transport Authority on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Department of Transport on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Office of Road Safety on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Main Roads on 03/07/2012
• Evidence by Department of Corrective Services on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by Conservation Commission of Western Australia on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by Water Corporation on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by Department of Local Government on 05/07/2012
• Evidence by Public Utilities Office on 03/08/2012
• Evidence by Verve Energy on 03/08/2012
• Evidence by Horizon Power on 03/08/2012
• Evidence by Western Power on 03/08/2012
• Evidence by Synergy on 03/08/2012
• Evidence by Department of Agriculture and Food on 06/08/2012
• Evidence by Forest Products Commission on 06/08/2012
• Evidence by Department of Agriculture and Food on 22/10/2012

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