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Current Parliamentary Committees

Listed below are Committees for the current Parliament. Standing Committees are permanent while Select Committees are created for a specific inquiry and cease to exist once they have reported. Committees can consist of Members of the Legislative Council, Legislative Assembly or include Members from both Houses, making up a Joint Committee.

Community Development and Justice Standing CommitteeStandingLegislative Assembly
Delegated Legislation CommitteeStandingJoint
Economics and Industry Standing CommitteeStandingLegislative Assembly
Education and Health Standing CommitteeStandingLegislative Assembly
Environment and Public Affairs CommitteeStandingLegislative Council
Estimates and Financial Operations CommitteeStandingLegislative Council
Joint Audit CommitteeStandingJoint
Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young PeopleStandingJoint
Joint Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime CommissionStandingJoint
Legislation CommitteeStandingLegislative Council
Procedure and Privileges CommitteeStandingLegislative Assembly
Procedure and Privileges Committee (Council)StandingLegislative Council
Public Accounts CommitteeStandingLegislative Assembly
Public Administration CommitteeStandingLegislative Council
Select Committee into alternate approaches to reducing illicit drug use and its effects on the communitySelectLegislative Council
Select Committee into Mining on Pinjin StationSelectLegislative Council
Select Committee on Personal Choice and Community SafetySelectLegislative Council
Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review CommitteeStandingLegislative Council