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Current Inquiries

Following are details for current inquiries before Parliamentary Committees. Go to the Inquiry pages below for details of the terms of reference, when submissions are due, public hearings, transcripts of hearings and reporting dates (you can also link back to details of the Committee conducting the inquiry) or switch to Past Inquiries.

Inquiry Name



2015-16 Agency Annual Report HearingsEstimates and Financial Operations CommitteeLegislative Council
Inquiry into Aboriginal Youth SuicidesEducation and Health Standing CommitteeLegislative Assembly
Inquiry into the Budget of the Auditor GeneralJoint Audit CommitteeJoint
Inquiry into the CCC being able to prosecute its own chargesCommittee on the Corruption and Crime CommissionJoint
Inquiry into the efficiency and timeliness of the current appointment process for Commissioners and Parliamentary Inspectors of the CCCCommittee on the Corruption and Crime CommissionJoint
Inquiry into the transport of persons in custody in Western AustraliaPublic Administration CommitteeLegislative Council
Pilbara Port Assets (Disposal) Bill 2015Legislation CommitteeLegislative Council
Referral of a Matter of Privilege raised by Hon Sue Ellery MLCProcedure and Privileges Committee (Council)Legislative Council
Statutes (Repeals) Bill 2016Uniform Legislation and Statutes Review CommitteeLegislative Council