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Estimates and Financial Operations Committee - Legislative Council


Report #TitleDate TabledRelated Documents
Special Report Special Report on a Matter of Privilege20/03/2007
Report 72 2016-17 Annual Report Hearings09/11/2017
Report 71 2017-18 Budget Estimates Hearings23/08/2017
Report 70 Annual Report Hearings 2015-1617/11/2016
Report 69 2015-16 Annual Report Hearings - Schedule of Hearings06/10/2016
Report 68 2015-16 Annual Report Hearings - Revised Timetable21/09/2016
Report 67 Budget Estimates Hearings 2016-1715/09/2016More...
Report 66 Cancellation of Hearings14/09/2016
Report 65 Agency Annual Report Hearings 2014-1525/08/2016
Report 64 2015-16 Annual Report Hearings - Timetable24/08/2016
Report 63 Budget Estimates Hearings 2015-1619/05/2016More...
Report 62 Provision of Information to the Parliament19/05/2016More...
Report 61 2016-17 Budget Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule16/03/2016
Report 60 Agency Annual Report Hearings 2013-1403/12/2015
Report 59 Budget Estimates Hearings 2014-1503/12/2015
Report 58 Agency Annual Report Hearings 2012-1303/12/2015
Report 57 Budget Estimates Hearings 2013-1403/12/2015
Report 56 2014-15 Annual Report Hearing Revised Timetable01/12/2015
Report 55 2014-15 Annual Report Hearings - Timetable22/10/2015
Report 54 2014 - 15 Annual Report Hearings: Sitting Schedule17/09/2015
Report 53 2015/16 Budget Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule19/05/2015
Report 52 2015/16 Budget Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule25/03/2015
Report 51 2013/14 Agency Annual Report Hearings - December Timetable20/11/2014
Report 50 2013/14 Agency Annual Report Hearings - November Timetable21/10/2014
Report 49 Procedure for 2013/14 Annual Report Hearings25/09/2014
Report 48 Inquiry into the Provision of Information to Parliament - Amended Terms of Reference26/06/2014
Report 47 2014/15 Budget Estimates Hearings - July and August Timetable26/06/2014
Report 46 2014/15 Budget Estimates Hearings - July timetable19/06/2014
Report 45 2014/15 Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule15/05/2014
Report 44 Inquiry into the Provision of Information to Parliament - Terms of Reference10/04/2014
Report 43 2013/14 Estimates Hearings – Sitting Schedule Amended12/09/2013
Report 42 2013/14 Estimates Hearings - Sitting Schedule15/08/2013
Report 41 Inquiry into Western Power's Evidence: An Informed Debate?30/11/2012
Report 40 Inquiry into Peel Health Campus Payments Reports30/11/2012
Report 39 The Government's Efficiency Dividend and the 2012/13 Budget28/11/2012
Report 38 Activity Report for the period 1 January 2011 to 30 June 201227/11/2012
Report 37 Report in relation to a possible contempt regarding summonses to produce documents issued pursuant to section 5 of the Parliamentary Privileges Act 189127/11/2012
Report 36 2011/12 Annual Report Hearings – Comments Regarding The Police Commissioner’s Evidence07/11/2012
Report 35 Inquiry into Western Australian Tourism Commission's Involvement in Major Tourism Events01/12/2011More...
Report 34 Interim Report of the Inquiry into the Western Australian Tourism Commission’s Involvement in Major Tourism Events: Request for A Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear before the Committee12/04/2011
Report 33 Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 201009/08/2011
Report 32 Report on the Budget of the Office of the Auditor General and Review of Auditor General's Audit Results Report - Annual 2009/10 Assurance Audits09/08/2011
Report 31 Report on the 2008/2009 Agency Annual Reports: Request for A Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear before the Committee18/11/2010
Report 30 Agency Annual Reports 2008/0919/08/2010
Report 29 Budget Estimates 2009/1019/08/2010
Report 28 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2010/1119/08/2010
Report 27 The Removal of Senior School Allocation Funding for Year 11 and 12 Courses at 21 District High Schools01/07/2010More...
Report 26 The Confidential Status of the State Development Agreement Oakajee Port and Rail01/04/2010
Report 25 Budget of the Office of the Auditor General01/04/2010
Report 24 Annual Report 200901/04/2010
Report 23 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2009/1008/09/2009
Report 22 Budget Estimates 2008/0913/08/2009
Report 21 Report on the Inquiry into Public Sector Expenditure19/05/2009More...
Report 20 "Royalties for Regions" Policy13/05/2009More...
Report 19 Follow-up to Report 12 Balga Works Program07/05/2009More...
Report 18 Budget of the Office of the Auditor General07/05/2009More...
Report 17 Budget Estimates 2007/0809/04/2009
Report 16 Interim Report on the Public Sector Expenditure Inquiry: Request for Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear before the Committee07/04/2009
Report 15 Annual Report 200819/03/2009
Report 14 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2008/0909/12/2008
Report 13 Annual Report 200726/06/2008
Report 12 Balga Works Program29/05/2008More...
Report 11 Budget of the Office of the Auditor General20/02/2008More...
Report 10 Annual Hearings in Relation to the Budget Estimates 2007/0827/09/2007
Interim Report 9 Interim Report on the Balga Works Inquiry: Request for a Member of the Legislative Assembly to Appear Before the Committee18/09/2007
Report 8 Budget Estimates 2006/0716/08/2007
Report 7 Annual Report 200629/05/2007
Report 6 Financial Management Bill 2006, Financial Legislation Amendment and Repeal Bill 2006 and Auditor General Bill 200621/11/2006
Report 5 Hearings in Relation to the Annual Budget Estimates 2006/0729/08/2006
Report 4 Budget Estimates 2005/0629/08/2006
Report 3 Energy Safety Bill 2005 and Energy Safety Levy Bill 200510/05/2006
Report 2 Annual Report 200501/12/2005
Report 1 Legislative Council Financial Processes and Procedures20/10/2005

Chair: Hon. Alanna Therese Clohesy MLC
Deputy Chair:Hon. Tjorn Dirk Sibma MLC
Members: Hon. Diane Marie Evers MLC
Hon. Colin Richard Tincknell MLC
Hon. Aaron Stonehouse MLC

Staff:Mr Andrew Hawkes (Advisory Officer)
Ms Anne Turner, B.Juris LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Tracey Sharpe (Committee Clerk)
Ms Samantha Parsons (Committee Clerk)
Mrs Carolyna Malouf (Committee Clerk)

Contact Details

Phone Number:08 9222 7400
Fax Number:08 9222 7805
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Postal Address

Ms Tracey Sharpe
Committee Clerk
Standing Committee on Estimates and Financial Operations
Parliament House, 4 Harvest Terrace
West Perth WA 6005

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