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Members’ biographical register

Samuel Richard Hamersley

Date: 12 October 1842
Place: Guildford, Western Australia
Son of Edward and Ann Louise Corneille, brother of Edward
Brother-in-law of Maitland Brown
Marriage and Family
Married 5 April 1865, St Matthews Church, Guildford to Matilda Brown (born 25 November 1847 and died 13 November 1920), daughter of Thomas and Eliza Bussey
Children: three sons and three daughters
Father of Vernon Hamersley
Date: 1 October 1896
Place: Lockridge near Guildford, Western Australia
Cemetery: Perth Cemetery, WA
Church of England
Employment History
Under system of tenant farming, farmed in Toodyay, York and Swan districts
1873 butchering business
Local Government Service
Swan Road Board chairman 1876
Date Elected
2 October 1874
Inaugural Speech
No inaugural speech given
Inaugural Video
Search for speeches by Samuel Hamersley
Year Retired/Resigned
Parliamentary Service
  • MLC Murray and Williams 2 October 1874–12 February 1880; Swan 9 May (by-election)–21 October 1890
  • Contested Toodyay 1 February 1889
Circa 1865–68 at Richmond, Williams District
1868–1870 at Wungong, Canning District
From 1870 lived at Lockridge, near Guildford
1875 inherited Haseley, Toodyay from father
Member Swan Board of Education 1875
Justice of the Peace
Officer, Volunteer Forces
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