Question On Notice No. 4780 asked in the Legislative Council on 8 May 2007 by Hon Paul Llewellyn

Question Directed to the: Leader of the House representing the Minister for Water Resources
Minister responding: Hon J.C. Kobelke
Parliament: 37 Session: 1


Regarding water licence fees, I refer to the draft ‘Blueprint for Water Reform’ dated July 2006. Table seven on page 35 indicates that 18 674 water licences subject to the then proposed five classes of annual fees that would generate an estimated total revenue of $5 786 905. In response to the draft Blueprint for Water Reform, the Minister for Water Resources announced on 27 February 2007 a water licence Application fee of $200 and Annual water licence fees ranging from $200 to $3000 across seven classes of licences. On 18 April 2007 in a media release the Acting Director General, Department of Water said there were 13 000 existing water licensees in Western Australia and the Department of Water has repeated this in advertisements in the press. To establish which is correct I ask the following -

(1) For the $200 Application fee what is the estimated -

      (a) number of new licence applications for 2006-07; and

      (b) revenue for 2006-07?

(2) As of April 2007, for each of the seven licence classes what is the -
      (a) number of existing licences;

      (b) number of existing licensees;

      (c) volume of water licensed; and

      (d) estimated annual revenue?

(3) As of April 2007, for the aggregate of the seven licence classes what is the -
      (a) total number of existing licences;

      (b) total number of existing licensees;

      (c) total volume of water licensed;

      (d) estimated total revenue from annual fees; and

      (e) estimated averaged revenue per kilolitre of licensed water?

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Answered on 5 June 2007

(1) - (3) In response to questions from the Hon Paul Llewellyn regarding water licence administration fees.

It is estimated that 650 applications will be received for the period 2006-07 that at $200 per application would result in $130,000 in revenue.

The estimated revenue per kilolitre of water is 0.23 cents.

Number of licences as of May 2007

ClassWater entitlement Kilolitres perFeeNumber of licencesNumber of licenseeWater Entitlement Gigalitres per yearExpected Revenue
10 - 5000$2004,6104,8879$922,000
25 001 - 50 000$3255,7416,010102$1,865,825
350 001 - 100,000$6001,1191,20479$671,400
4100,001 - 500,000$1,200906967206$1,087,200
5500,001 - 1,000,00$1,800172177129$309,600
61,000,001 - 5,000,000$2,400253257594$607,200
7> 5,000,000$3,00067681,366$201,000
Grand Total13,50814,210$5,794,225