Parliamentary Question

Minister Representing: Question No:177
Portfolio:Planning and Infrastructure Question Date:04/04/2007
Year:2007Answer Date:04/04/2007
Parliament:37Question Type:Question Without Notice
Session Number:1Asked By:Hon HELEN MORTON
Chamber:CouncilTabled Paper No:



177. Hon HELEN MORTON to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure:

(1) Was the approximately 300 hectares of Whiteman Park land that has now been allocated for housing previously a priority 1 water resource?

(2) Has the water classification on this land changed; and, if so, to what classification?

(3) Following the changed water classification on this land, and because the substitute land given to Whiteman Park is already a priority 1 water resource, is the net result an overall reduction in the priority 1 water resource?

(4) What is the estimated profit to government from the housing development planned for the approximately 300 hectares of land that was previously part of Whiteman Park?

(5) Has an environmental assessment of groundwater and its sensitivities been carried out on this land?

(6) What level of community consultation has taken place on this issue to date?

Hon ADELE FARINA replied:

I thank the honourable member for some notice of this question. Regrettably, I do not have an answer for the member.