Parliamentary Question

Minister Representing: Question No:663
Portfolio:Indigenous Affairs Question Date:08/30/2006
Year:2006Answer Date:08/30/2006
Parliament:37Question Type:Question Without Notice
Session Number:1Asked By:Hon GIZ WATSON
Chamber:CouncilTabled Paper No:



663. Hon GIZ WATSON to the parliamentary secretary representing the Minister for Indigenous Affairs:

I refer to the Noongar Patrol, which has been operating in the Northbridge area.

(1) Will the minister provide annual funding details for the Noongar Patrol since its inception?

(2) What is the end date of the current funding agreement?

(3) If funding has been reduced over the years, why has this occurred?

(4) Is the Noongar Patrol currently under review?

(5) If yes to (4), who is conducting the review?

(6) If yes to (4), when will the review be completed?

(7) If yes to (4), what alternative service delivery strategies are being investigated?

(8) If no to (4), is a review of the organisation planned in the near future?

Hon ADELE FARINA replied:

I thank the member for some notice of this question.

(1) Funding for the Noongar Patrol has been as follows: $17 000 in 1998-99, $35 000 in 1999-2000, $47 500 in 2000-01; $75 516.36 in 2001-02; $85 000 in 2002-03; $85 000 in 2003-04, $364 500 in 2004-05, $385 440 in 2005-06 - including a one-off payment of $15 000 for specific training needs - and $381 183 in 2006-07.

(2) The agreement ends on 26 June 2007.

(3) Funding has been increased.

(4) No.

(5)-(7) Not applicable.

(8) There is no review planned for the Noongar Patrol System. However, a six-monthly service review is a condition of the service level agreement. The next service review is due in November 2006.