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Committee House

Visions for Parliament House: 1900-2004 & Beyond

Visions for the 90's


Parliament House Western Additions, Harvest Terrace.
Prepared by Gianfranco Rasile, Architect in association with Tsigulis & Zuvela Pty Ltd.

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The required office space and functions were to be accommodated in a 4-storey addition abutting the western façade of the existing building.



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This drawing shows the diversion of Harvest Terrace and main services and the demolition of the building at the north-west corner of Harvest Terrace and Parliament Place.




Extension to the Western and Eastern Wings of Parliament House.
Plans developed by the Building Management Authority.

The development provides accommodation for approximately 3,000m2 for parliamentary offices, parliamentary and Hansard staff and committee meeting rooms.

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Shading to Courtyard.

Prepared by the Design Branch, Building Management Authority.

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