Legislative Council Rules for Ministerial Advisers

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Committee of the Whole House

  • A maximum of three advisers are permitted at the Table of the House in the Chamber.
  • Advisers are to meet the Parliamentary Officer at the Southern Chamber doors to be escorted into the Chamber.
  • Advisers at the Table wishing to communicate with other advisers who are not at the Table of the House must request a Parliamentary Officer to deliver a note (hand signed).
  • Advisers may not enter or leave the Chamber unless escorted by a Parliamentary Officer.
  • During debate, advisers must direct any communications to their Minister or Parliamentary Secretary and cannot address other Members who may have asked a question.
  • If division occurs, advisers will be escorted out of the Chamber until the division is finished.
  • Upon the conclusion of debate, advisers will be escorted from the Chamber.


  • Advisers must be escorted to and from the Table of the House by a Parliamentary Officer. 
  • Advisers must leave the Chamber promptly after conclusion of debate in committee or when a dvision is called. A Parliamentary Offi cer will escort you. 
  • Advisers are not permitted in the Members’ (Northern) corridor or Members’ Lounge.

Upon Arriving

  • Advisers need to report to the Senior Parliamentary Liaison Offi cer, located at the Office of the Leader of the House, (Room 1.9) upon arrival.
  • You will be escorted into the Chamber during the Second Reading debate to take notes and liaise with the Minister/Parliamentary Secretary as necessary. 
  • If you need to communicate with a Minister or Member who is in the Chamber, you can contact a Parliamentary Offi cer in the Chamber on ext. 315. The offi cer can deliver a message for you.

President's Gallery

  • Please read the rules located outside the Chamber entrance before you go into the President’s Gallery. 
  • While awaiting consideration of the relevant legislation, you can observe proceedings from the President’s Gallery at the rear of the Chamber. 
  • Advisers wishing to sit in the President’s Gallery must obtain permission for each sitting day. This can be obtained through the Office of the Leader of the House. 
  • Communication across the Bar of the House is not permitted. 
  • Note taking in the President’s gallery is permitted. 

Contact Details

Senior Parliamentary Liaison Officer

Tel:  (08) 9222 7246

Fax: (08) 9321 3119

Office of the Leader of the House

Tel:  (08) 9222 7246

Fax: (08) 9321 3119

Government Whip

Tel:  (08) 9222 7449

Administration Office

Tel:  (08) 9222 7466

Fax: (08) 9222 7819

Legislative Council Chamber

Tel:  (08) 9222 7315


Tel: (08) 9222 7222