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Proposals for new and amended laws
Two staff preparing bills in the Legislative Assembly Administration office

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Latest News

  • 2019-20 LA Estimates

    Click the link above for information on the Legislative Assembly Estimates Hearings.

  • A new website for Parliament House

    Parliament’s website has been redesigned and upgraded with a new website deployed on Sunday, 28 April 2019.
    If you require information about the new layout or functionality of the website or experience any technical issues, please contact Reception Services on (08) 9222 7222.

  • The Black Rod of Western Australia

    The Black Rod is primarily associated with the sovereign (King or Queen), or in the case of Western Australia, his or her representative, the Governor. The Black Rod is carried by the ‘Usher of the Black Rod’, who maintains the authority and order of the chamber he or she serves. This officer is an important link in parliamentary history and procedure.