New Parliament

The General Election was held on Saturday, 11 March 2017 and the 40th Parliament will first meet on a date to be appointed by Her Excellency the Governor. This website will be updated when the date is known.

Termination of Old Parliament

On 30 January 2017, Her Excellency the Governor prorogued the two Houses of the Parliament of Western Australia and dissolved the Legislative Assembly. Prorogation ends a session of Parliament and the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly terminates the 39th Parliament. Dissolution of the Assembly also terminates all Assembly committees and all joint committees of the Parliament. Any Legislative Council committee without a capacity to meet to transact business after prorogation cannot meet to conduct any formal business, including the taking of evidence.


Members of the public are welcome to take a free
one-hour tour of Parliament House.
Mondays and Thursdays (except public holidays) at 10.30am and
Fridays (except public holidays) at 2.00pm.
Gather main (eastern) entrance to Parliament House
Enquiries 9222 7222

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Next sitting day for the Legislative Assembly is yet to be announced
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