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  • The Legislative Council meets on 28/05/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Council sit 28/05/2024
  • The Legislative Assembly meets on 11/06/2024 (01:00 PM)
    Assembly sit 11/06/2024

Current ePetitions for the Legislative Assembly

Canning Road, Kalamunda

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled. We, the undersigned, say

Canning Road, connecting Roleystone and Kalamunda, has been a popular cycling route for over forty years. In the past decade, it has become dangerous, such that many experienced cyclists now avoid it. It was approved as a RAV-4 route without undergoing a formal assessment. (RAV-4 routes carry "B-Doubles" can be up to 27.5 metres long and weigh 62.5 tonnes)
It, and a short section of Brookton Highway, are the only single carriageway RAV-4 roads in the Metro area with a 90 KPH limit.
It is narrow, winding, has no sealed shoulders, frequently no shoulders, high kerbs with steep drop-offs in places, restricted sight-lines, and large trees within 1 metre of the carriageway. Kangaroos cross it.
It is unsafe for ALL road users, but particularly so for cyclists.
The problem has been passed to and fro between MRWA and Kalamunda Council for years without improvement. Both claim lack of funds prevents action, and MRWA prioritises Trucking Industry considerations above Safety concerns.
A designated Cycleway connecting Brockton Highway and Glenisla Road is feasible, and the speed limit could be lowered immediately.

Now we ask the Legislative Assembly

To urge the State Government to prioritise the remediation of this serious road safety issue.
The cycling community is a significant feature of the "Hills" suburbs, and deserves better.
All road users deserve a safer environment, and the longer term issue of connecting the heavy transport from the Brookto/Beverley region to the Metro RAV-4 network needs to be addressed and resolved. Kalamunda cannot do it on their own

Sorry this e-Petition status is "Closed". You may not sign the petiton at this time.