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Current e-Petitions for the Legislative Council

e-Petitions Conditions of Use

The petitions process is governed by the Temporary Orders adopted by the Legislative Council of Western Australia. These Temporary Orders enable the Parliament of Western Australia to accept electronic petitioning (“e-Petitions”).

By electing to join an e-Petition, you acknowledge that you meet the conditions detailed below.

  1. You meet the eligibility requirement specified for the e-Petition. This means that you fall into one of the three broad groups of petitioners:
    1. West Australian residents;
    2. West Australian citizens; or
    3. West Australian electors in a nominated electorate.
      The eligibility requirement for each e-Petition is identified on the web site.
  2. You have not already joined the e-Petition.
  • The name, address and email address details provided are your true details.
    Otherwise, you are entering the name, address and email address details of someone else because they are physically incapable of entering their details and:
  • have given you express permission to act on their behalf to record their details for the purposes of joining the e-Petition (provided that the authority to act on their behalf is not revoked at the time of joining the e-Petition); and
  • to the best of your knowledge the details that you enter are true and correct.
  • By electing to join an e-Petition, you acknowledge that your name, address and email address will be published on the physical tabled paper of the e-Petition retained by the Legislative Council. This personal information will not be viewable in any form on the web site, however, the hard copy of the tabled paper of the e-Petition containing this information may be obtained from the Clerk of the Legislative Council.

    Your name, address and email address details will not be added to a mailing list by the Legislative Council. All electronic personal data relating to the posting and joining of an e-petition will be disposed of within six months of the e-petition being printed and presented to the Legislative Council. Further information on the collection and storage of personal information is available in our Privacy Statement

    IMPORTANT: Failing to comply with these Conditions of Use may amount to a contempt of Parliament. Actions that are considered to be in contempt of Parliament include:

    • presenting a forged or falsified document to the House or a committee;
    • submitting a petition containing false, scandalous or groundless allegations; or
    • inducing a person to sign a petition by fraud and misleading the House.

    You could be fined for committing a contempt of Parliament, or even imprisoned if you fail to pay such a fine.

    Sorry this e-Petition status is "Closed". You may not sign the petiton at this time.

    Sign End no grounds evictions, and give renters a fair go

    To the President and Members of the Legislative Council:

    note the recent rental reform announcement by the Cook government and call upon the Premier and the Minister for Commerce to remove no grounds evictions from the Residential Tenancies Act (WA) 1987.
    WA is facing a housing crisis, with some of the lowest rates of rental availability in Australia, which is making it very difficult for renters to find suitable accommodation. Given the lack of rental availability and the power imbalance that exists between renters and landlords, many renters don’t feel they can exercise their rights under the Residential Tenancies Act for fear of being evicted without a legitimate reason and face homelessness as a result.
    Removing no grounds evictions ensures that landlords can still exercise their rights to evict tenants who don’t pay rent, damage the property or behave in an antisocial way under the existing grounds, while also ensuring tenants aren’t evicted by landlords who wish to side step tenant protections and impose an excessive rent increase or ignore legitimate repair requests. This reform would provide greater certainty and protection for consumers alike.
    WA is the only Australian state that hasn’t removed or committed to removing no grounds evictions, with every other state acknowledging that this practice must go.
    Recent polling shows that the majority of renters and the majority of West Australians support the removal of no grounds evictions, which is only used in a small number of evictions in WA.
    Therefore, we request that the Legislative Council urge the Premier and the Minister for Commerce to remove this outdated provision and provide certainty and security to almost a third of the population that rent in WA.

    And your petitioners as in duty bound, will ever pray.

    Sorry this e-Petition status is "Closed". You may not sign the petition at this time.