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Hon. Mark Warriedar Nevill MLC B SC (Hons)
House:Legislative Council
Electorate:Mining and Pastoral
Speeches by Hon. Mark Warriedar Nevill

Extract from the Western Australian Parliamentary Handbook
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NEVILL, Hon. Mark Warriedar, MLC
Member for Mining and Pastoral Region


Elected to the Thirty-first Parliament from 22 May 1983 for South-East Province in succession to Ronald Thomas Leeson (defeated for South Province). Elected to the Thirty-third Parliament from 22 May 1989 for Mining and Pastoral Region. Re-elected 1993, 1996 (for term commencing 22 May 1997). Resigned from the Australian Labor Party on 23 August 1999 to become an Independent. Defeated 10 February 2001 (term concluded on 21 May 2001).

Parliamentary Appointments

Deputy Chairman of Committees 1986 – 1989; and from 18 March 1997. Trustee Parliamentary Superannuation Fund from 7 September 1993.

Ministerial Appointments

Parliamentary Secretary of State 30 April 1990 – 16 February 1993 (from 20 November 1990 to Minister for Mines, Fuel and Energy, Mid-West and Small Business; from 19 March 1991 to the Minister for Mines, Fisheries and Mid-West; and from 29 September 1992 to the Minister for Small Business, Mines, Fisheries, and Minister assisting the Minister for Employment, Trade and Investment).

Shadow Ministerial Appointments

Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council 30 November 1993 – 15 January 1997. Shadow Minister for Finance and Mines 17 February 1993 – 18 October 1994; for Mines and Goldfields 18 October 1994 – 23 January 1995; for Finance, Mines and Goldfields 23 January 1995 – 18 March 1996; for Finance and Mines 18 March – 15 October 1996; for Mines, Lands, and Goldfields from 15 October 1996.

Standing Committees

Chairman Standing Committee on Government Agencies 1986–1989; member Constitutional Affairs and Statutes Revision Committee July 1990 – 20 August 1992; and Joint Standing Committee on the Commission on Government 16 August 1994 – 14 November 1996. Additional member Estimates and Financial Operations Committee to consider the Estimates 1990–91; member Estimates and Financial Operations Committee 3 August 1993 – 14 November 1996, Chairman from 29 April 1997. Member sub-committee Legislation Committee to consider legislation dealing with the Limited Partnerships Bill from May 1992; and of Legislation Committee from 10 April – 26 June 1997. Member Standing Orders Committee from 18 March 1997.

Select Committees/Royal Commissions

Member Select Committee on a Committee System for the Legislative Council 1983–1984; on the Mining Act Amendment Bill 1984–1985; on the Allocation of Funds by the Aboriginal Liaison Committee 1986; on Acts to be Considered for Repeal 1989–1990; on Limitation of Professional and Other Occupational Liability from 17 March 1992, lapsed on the prorogation of Parliament, reappointed 10 August 1993 – 22 March 1994; on a Matter of Privilege relating to the Non-compliance of Brian Easton with an Order of the House 9 August – 15 December 1994; on the Western Australian South Australian Quarantine Checkpoint 2 May – 7 November 1996 ; on Native Title Legislation 1 December 1998 – 10 December 1998.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conferences, delegations etc.

Represented WA branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association at 23rd Australasian and Pacific regional Conference, Cook Islands, 1995.



Born 1 July 1947, North Fremantle, Western Australia.

Marital Status


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Parliament

B Sc. (Hons). Geologist.


The Mining and Pastoral Region includes the Legislative Assembly electorates of Burrup, Eyre, Kalgoorlie, Kimberley, Ningaloo and Pilbara. Enrolment (14 December 1996) 68,258; area 2,243, 711 sq km.