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Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

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Relevant portfolio

Parliamentary Questions - Legislative Council

You can find answers to questions on notice and questions without notice through this section. Answers to questions with notice are uploaded as soon as these become available.

O indicates question has been answered
X indicates question has been withdrawn

QwN indicates Question without Notice
QoN indicates Question on Notice

Date Question number Member asking Relevant portfolio
2 Apr 2020QoN 2891Hon Martin AldridgeRegional Development
2 Apr 2020QoN 2890Hon Martin AldridgeEducation and Training
2 Apr 2020QoN 2889Hon Martin AldridgeHealth
2 Apr 2020QoN 2888Hon Martin AldridgeHealth
2 Apr 2020QoN 2887Hon Martin AldridgePolice
2 Apr 2020QoN 2886Hon Alison XamonRacing and Gaming
2 Apr 2020QoN 2885Hon Alison XamonAgriculture and Food
2 Apr 2020QoN 2884Hon Alison XamonEnvironment
2 Apr 2020QoN 2883Hon Alison XamonEducation and Training
2 Apr 2020QoN 2882Hon Alison XamonAttorney General
O2 Apr 2020QwN 337Hon NICK GOIRANLeader of the House representing the Attorney General
O2 Apr 2020QwN 336Hon COLIN HOLTRacing and Gaming
O2 Apr 2020QwN 335Hon KEN BASTONHealth
O2 Apr 2020QwN 334Hon COLIN de GRUSSATransport
O2 Apr 2020QwN 333Hon CHARLES SMITHHealth
O2 Apr 2020QwN 332Hon ALISON XAMONCorrective Services
O2 Apr 2020QwN 331Hon ALISON XAMONEnvironment
O2 Apr 2020QwN 330Hon ALISON XAMONMines and Petroleum
O2 Apr 2020QwN 329Hon ALISON XAMONCommerce
O2 Apr 2020QwN 328Hon ROBIN SCOTTHealth
O2 Apr 2020QwN 327Hon RICK MAZZAPolice