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Education and Health Standing Committee

Legislative Assembly

Title & summary Status
No inquiries
Report No Title Date tabled Related documents
18 A child who is healthy, attends school, and is able to read will have better educational outcomes15 Nov 2012
17 Annual Report 2011-201227 Sep 2012
16 The role of ICT in Western Australian Education: Living and Working in a Digital World27 Sep 2012
15 Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: the invisible disability20 Sep 2012
14 Report on key learnings from the Committee research trip 11-17 March 201221 Jun 2012More...
13 Child Health - Child Development: the first 3 years1 Mar 2012More...
12 Inquiry into improving educational outcomes for Western Australians of all ages3 Nov 2011
11 Annual Report 2010-20118 Sep 2011
10 Alcohol: Reducing the Harm and Curbing the Culture of Excess23 Jun 2011More...
9 Changing Patterns in Illicit Drug Use in Western Australia26 May 2011More...
8 Alcohol Restrictions in the Kimberley: A 'Window of Opportunity' for Improved Health, Education, Housing and Employment17 Mar 2011More...
7 Annual Report 2009-201023 Sep 2010
6 Destined To Fail: Western Australia's Health System (Volume 2 - Community Health Sector)6 May 2010More...
6 Destined to Fail: Western Australia's Health System (Volume 1 - Hospital Sector)6 May 2010More...
5 Invest Now or Pay Later: Securing the Future of Western Australia's Children11 Mar 2010More...
4 Children Missing Out - Education Support for: -Students on 457 Visas, - Students with a Disability19 Nov 2009More...
3 Annual Report 2008-200924 Sep 2009
2 Healthy Child - Healthy State: Improving Western Australia's Child Health Screening Programs21 May 2009More...
1 Inquiry into the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Bill 200812 Mar 2009More...
Purpose of undertakings

When the Committee finds an issue in delegated legislation, it may request an undertaking from the relevant local government or Minister to fix the issue (for example, by amending the delegated legislation).

A person or body giving an undertaking commits to do certain actions within a certain timeframe, for example to:

  • amend delegated legislation within a certain timeframe (usually 6 months) and not enforce it in the meantime;
  • provide a copy of the undertakings wherever the delegated legislation is publicly available (such as at a local government office or on a website);
  • provide a copy of the minutes of the meeting at which the council of a local government resolved to provide an undertaking.

Giving an undertaking to a Parliamentary Committee is a serious matter. A failure to comply with an undertaking may be reported to the Legislative Council for further action.

Title & summary Status
No proceedings