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Proceedings Name:Children’s Court (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2007; District Court (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2007; Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Amendment Regulations (No.2) 2007; Magistrates Court (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2007; and Supreme Court (Fees) Amendment Regulations 2007
Commencement Date:14 Nov 2007
End Date:30 Jan 2013
Proceedings Status:Current
Committee Name:Delegated Legislation Committee (2001 - 2017)
Media Statements:No Media Statements released

Members conducting inquiry

Members:Mr Paul William Andrews MLA
Hon. Raymond (Ray) James Halligan MLC
Mr Anthony (Tony) David McRae MLA
Hon. Dr Graham Gibson Jacobs MLA
Hon. Barbara Mary Scott MLC
Mr Anthony (Tony) James Simpson MLA
Hon. Kenneth (Ken) Dunstan Elder Travers MLC
Mr Vincent Alexander Catania MLA
Staff Members:Mr David Driscoll (Committee Clerk)
Ms Christine Kain, LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Felicity Mackie, LLB (Advisory Officer (Legal))
Ms Susan O'Brien, LLB, B Juris (Advisory Officer (Legal))